Thursday, 31 March 2016

Freedom of the road?

Eric Peters: How Government Ruined Cars

I wrote into this theme thus:

Whenever a sense of abundance can be opened up as a sense of extended power or freedom - there then is the opportunism cultivating a market and power cartel that derived power of tax or dependency from those who expand into the 'new idea'.
It isn't that a sense of freedom is wrong to associate with a car or with movement - but that there is always a correspondence of responsibility that accompanies liberty - or else it is simply a freedom to drive roughshod over Life - over others and one's own true interests. IE: Destructive to Life.
Is the 'absolute right to be left in peace' meaningful?
Since when will Life leave you in 'peace'?
These phrases come out of mutually agreed associative definitions that seemed self-evident - as all such currency of thought does - in its day.
But we are relational being - that is we experience in relation to others - to events and situations and the balancing of such experience is again a matter of inner freedom and responsibility OR ELSE a coercive intent to force an imbalance operates from an imbalanced and un-free sense - and this consolidates and operates through the idea of government as a legally defined justification and agreement to check and qualify the use of such force.
When the coercive intent becomes the mistaken idea of freedom to assert and impose power - then such 'freedom' asserts that no one else will be accorded the right to disturb the peace of my rule. But the coercive intent is always the result of the loss of relational communication to a fear of - or assertion of - power.
The THINKING that derives from either a 'separated off' sense of power or the separate sense of being denied by power - has given rise to a cultural disposition that is so corrupted by power as to have only a trickle of residual Consciousness in Relational being. Indeed what I am writing here (insofar as it is read at all) will be largely referred to 'thinking' without being received as a felt communication.
It is the impoverishment of the currency of thought that reflects the bankruptcy of our outer reflected experience.
The auto-mobile is not strictly autonomous just because you don't use a horse. Indeed the Oil Cartel has used it to expand as Pharma of initially oil derived by-products- as well as the energy-cartels. And Oil/Gas continues to drive geopolitical misery that the highway star is oblivious of association with  as in global 'solutions' the costs are outsourced while the profits are sucked up and evaporated.
There is much more on the symbology of the car that is interesting. On some levels it is clear that personal mobility was designed and promoted as public utility was undermined. Is it all power and greed driven - with the spin of cultural improvement as part of selling it?
Well that is part of what humanity aspires to; the 'hit' or rush of a high - along with seeking to maximise a personal high by 'outsourcing' or denying/invalidating the low.
I feel that the freedom to indulge the wish of power has painted itself into corner, or a traffic jam - or even a self-driving googlebot! And of course the sheer hatred that rises in such frustration of WANTING and not getting and blaming rather than communicating - not having the resource of communication open or available within the impulse of 'getting'.

I may add that in UK - since the first 'green' thinking was subverted to mainstream leverage - so as not being allowed to open a real communication that includes the living context of our otherwise dead thinking - the motorist has been taxed more, and emasculated, and infantilised - such that as with other arenas of life, the taking over by actual robots will be seamless because we have already 'evolved' (sic) to such lack of consciousness as to be replaced by external control mechanism - operated and run by a power elitism. Whose image are we being remade in but the anti-life that seeks to regain its right to luxuriate in its own private vision without Life interfering with its freedom from such disturbance. I have every reason to believe that death is not in fact such a victory - and that regression to a presumed perfect state is a trick of hindsight. But then I embrace Life on Earth despite having to embrace all kinds of frustration and emotional pain - so I'm on board for a journey that is inherently transformational and not just 'me' getting high.

I recall some describing the 60's as the idea of being high all the time opening to the spiritual realisation that that was not freedom - and that uncovering a true freedom was a more meaningful life. The fact that such impulses get caught up and subverted does not in any way invalidate the impulse. It reflects an invalidating thinking being interjected and imposed upon it.

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