Friday, 1 April 2016

Outsorcery of symptoms

Authorities Plan Strategic Attack of Anti-Vaccine “Myths”
By Daily Bell Staff

My Comment:

Corporations "outsource the costs" while increasing 'profits' and establishing revenue streams - that is power operating to set up and maintain 'markets of dependency'.

Humanity and the living environment on which we all depend is relegated to a status of 'collateral damage' whose only 'real' existence is on the balance sheet - as a cost to be outsourced as far as is possible.

Pharma operates punishment presented as reward for the criminalisation of the population by decree of a condition of disease demanding eradication and control extending its power as fear of future sickness, to be pre-emptively struck or denied.

It is humanity that is being denied its relation within wholeness, it is humanity that is sacrificed upon the altar of a god of sickness and death, for the illusion of power over life - life that is conceived in hated, and feared as corruption of failure and inadequacy and weakness - to be forced out and conformed to a world order in which life will no longer have the capacity to interfere or drag down the vision of unchecked power.

"God's death" - through the sacrifice of innately shared relational Creation is the energy source for such power. But the stark insanity of this suicide is hidden to the urge to regress to the illusion of the self-concept that seems to have had a perfection before life happened. This identity in concept, is belief in fixed self, over and against movement, and operates against the flow of its own fulfilment. This is the father of all lies and unless this is noticed, recognized and released, the war against Self, perpetuates itself, in futility of pain - no matter how 'outsourced' disguised, or redefined, by a splitting off of the idea in power upon its unrecognized and hated Self.

In the sense of a living immediate responsibility was it said you are a 'sinner' - in error - not fixed in concept of unchangeable guilt. Power in concept used a simple waking call to serve its own hate agenda.

That such sin of guilt in self of love and life was rationalised to scapegoat religious corruption, set the scene for a deeper denser illusion of power-seduction, in arrogance and ignorance of the deceit - operating the engine of one's own destruction, willingly.

Where once everyone was held to be a 'sinner' now we almost all have human disorder disorders - which are made up 'diseases'! But pharmacologically enforced so as to generate iatrogenic chains of sickness, death and unfailing loyalty to the god of such a system - for to resist or challenge it in any way, is to demonstrate the state of a disease disorder and be conformed.

The error upon which human consciousness operates in hidden obeisance to an imprinted conditioning is not in the world - but gives rise to a way of perceiving the mutually defied and agreed 'world' that has substituted for life - just as false currency substitutes for a shared presence of true worth and value.

Another word for hate is blame. If perspectives voiced here only reiterate the same ancient hating blame - then whatever forms are asserted or denied - make no difference to the core 'dis-ease of self-sickness.

Conversion of 'hysteria' - that is of unfaced or unfaceable fear - into physical metaphor is part of the unconscious pallet from which fragmentation and control operate in place of a spontaneity and ease of being. This is not merely a recent Freudian "discovery" - but is a much deeper pattern in consciousness by which to maintain unconsciousness of the hated and feared. Outsorcery projectes in attempt to protect - but true source embraces a movement of reintegration of re-wakened self-whole responsibility. The urge and roles of protection may be in error or of an out-dated temporary expediency - but if they are not honoured for what they are believed to serve - one will always elicit attack and denial from such guards.

As is readily observable in issues of power/fear conflict, the way in which outcomes are arrived is hidden by focussing in the conditioned meanings ascribed to forms of the outcomes. Mindfulness could be used to pertain to the presence of awareness at the point of focusing - rather than the loss of such awareness to reactive identity within the experience such meanings generate.

The issue is not vax/anti vax. The issue is an honouring relational communication as the basis from which a trusted outcome arises. To force a belief or deceit of 'good' on others against their willingness is an act of hate - no matter how it presents itself. It is not possible to know or share love in existence while actively hating - and without the unifying perspective of wholeness of being - all parts become as warring factions - even reflecting in the war or breakdown of communication within our own body - where we now have immune function attacking Self as an increasingly 'normal' state of dysfunction - perhaps served by the life-fearing and hating attempt to coerce the immune system mixing all kinds of non-human pathogens with highly toxic 'immune-activators'. Ignorance and arrogance - that refuses to recognize its own feedback - but outsources it to justify ever more intrusive control.

"The patient died - but we got the cancer!" - is the victory cry of 'war on symptoms' - regardless what symptoms are scapegoated to fuel the diversion. Wake up Hu-Man. If you will.

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