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Warring over truth: conflicting realities are out of true
Offers a portal for Idea as creative art in life rather than ideology of investments and private agenda.
However, it is a video channel without transcript and so it takes a linear process in physical time to watch the conversations take place. Perhaps this enourages participation beyond skimming for those who give their time, but I would see a transcript as a much more available medium of communication to complement the videos.

Beyond Truth and Falsehood: What is real?

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Definition is fundamental to ALL that follows from it.

That which defines all things as relating within Itself is First - and cannot be Itself defined.

But all that relates within and as the extension of Source is of the same kind, and thus creates or extends idea within itself likewise.

The temporary expedient of defining Truth or Reality in image of symbol and idea generates a perspective of self differentiation from Totality and yet shares that perspective within totality. There is no separation.

But the experience of self differentiation may be explored or focused within such as to experience separateness within Mind whose nature and function IS Communication.

The segregative self-sense generates and depends upon an almost exclusively physical framed 'reality'. For there is no other way to maintain such a 'self' but through the denial OF Consciousness in the assertion of conditionalities that effectively generate transactional 'reality' in place of the Gift of spontaneity of a synchronous and unified expression of life.

To the segregative self, reality is war in which all things essentially conflict - and yet within which is a temporary assertion of survival attempt to make tolerable and wherever possible, to extend any capacity to prevail over or exploit the externalised world - for this is the coercive movement by which the creative is confused within the created - as a result of taking image or definition OF Self - AS Self.
When the coercive movement is recognized false, one yield to Source and are restored to true perspective.
However what is true OF you is not within definition so much as a clarifying and transcendence OF self-definition.
And so it is true that war 'survives' or persists as the sacrifice or covering over of truth. But whatever is acted out does not and cannot change the truth of you - because the truth or existence of you - (the very awareness of existence that is you, regardless what definitions are accepted and engaged in) - is Eternally changeless though experienced in infinitely rich perspectives that embrace and transcend linear time or locational properties of space.
What you choose - knowingly or unknowingly - to accept as true for you - must 'create' your conception, perception, and behavioral response that you  have and share as your experience of Life.
But the level of such definition is largely 'hidden' in unconsciousness, and guarded by psychological defence AGAINST exposure, by the personality construct that you take to be yourself.
It IS a working focus within a physically experienced reality, but it is the vehicle or channel of You that has - in a sense - lost the signal - and seems to have got lost in a will of its own that is effectively acting against its own good and burdens itself with attempt to manage or control reality.
The idea of controlling reality is the idea of forgetting its nature. There is nothing 'outside' whereby to leverage excepting in agreement to play the game of being 'outsiders' who know not what they do - and who therefore make their OWN definitions and fight over them as if the truth is at stake.
True relationship is easy because is requires nothing of us - being already the case. Yet is impossible while we define it lacking and attempt to change its condition from a belief in unworthiness of relationship.
Blessed is the one who releases their self-certainty of experience in willingness to let truth be uncovered by which everyone and everything involved is recognized within a greater perspective.
There is no escaping the Embrace of our true Existence - but there is a wish to distract attention within a focus of self-specialness fueled by fear of love that does not know love's gift of unique creational participance as true living - and perceives only threat to its investment of identification in manual and magical control over life.
All realities are valid experience but all realities of experience are not relevant or resonant to the theme and signature vibrational reality OF you.
Getting in direct communication with your core being may be via the experience of recognition of what and who you are NOT. Therefore unreality or untruth serves purpose - albeit unknowing.
All things in the 'world' correlate or resonate or symbolically communicate aspects, facets and qualities of consciousness within, or prior to their embodiment. The light of the projector is prior to the film or the image on the screen. Light is shining. Mind is projecting What you give out is what you get back. But first recognize and own what is already being believed and reacted from, for one cannot change what one has not yet owned.
Thankyou for your attention.

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