Friday, 27 March 2015

EU "Don’t use Facebook if you want to keep the NSA away from your data"

EU: Don’t use Facebook if you want to keep the NSA away from your data

The issues of communication, privacy, integrity and trust are coming up in BOLD as an increasing dysfunctionality from which we can learn. I read this article and many of the comments at Ars Technica - and posted the following:

The focusing upon and operating within, a coercive mind-set, runs as a segregative reality experience in which communication is filtered and distorted so as to mask weapon or phishing intent of coercive private agenda and corresponding development of defences in the evolution of the founding idea.

But beneath all appearances communication is still true or actually there to be uncovered and discerned.

Listening receptivity of an uncoercive mindset - a mind you neither create nor interfere with, via the mental overlay of personality conditioned reactions, is a SHIFT of focus, at a foundational level.

Focusing upon and within the flow of true communication has no need to pry or snoop in order to know what one needs to know when one needs to know it, Indeed to be coercive upon the flow of communication that IS Life, is to limit oneself to a fearful victim mentality as a reflection of one's own desire given acceptance and belief.

There is a way to listen and act within the flow of relationship as fluidly 'defined' by joy.
The belief in sacrificing joy's true knowing for the 'power' of fear is a false 'god' by which we become at war with ourself - or rather, identified reactively within our own conflicted self-definition.

This seemingly chaotic outcome, activates and seems to demand and compel the command and control mentality to subvert and usurp all natural functions - for it is war upon Life in the name of a separateness of segregated or separated 'life' called "me and mine" - in an exclusive and other-denying sense.
Living in such survival mode psychologically has become a second nature of a conditioned protection racket. This is becoming increasing obvious in our world-experience.

Fear defines 'relationships' as a means to an end because fear cannot SEE that which it interferes with.
Embracing one's relationship with everything and everyone as the living CONTEXT in which our true self is restored to our awareness, inherently de-conditions the mind of pretending it can ACTUALLY exist apart from or outside relationship itself. Such self-illusion cannot 'survive' because it never lived - but one can WISH it true and give it the Life you truly are.

If you followed the gist of this you may sense that our first and only true freedom is of what we accept true of ourself - for everything else follows on from that as a matter of course.
The WORD we each give and receive is the fundamental definition of worth and value in this and any moment. The game of conflict draws the crowd to the arena and the attention feeds the combatants. It is all a matter of choice - but at a level we have trained ourselves collectively to disregard and deny in order to ENJOY the game. When a game loses or is recognized to be joyless - or meaningless - or insane - then the call is to waken to choose differently - in line with you you know yourself to be - now that you have had such a clear experience of who you are not.

Where we are coming from - in any moment - in any movement - IS our responsibility to check in and verify - or else we give our power away to be harnessed in bot-nets of rogue agendas that lose any pretence of connection with anything worthy, sound or sane.

Integrity and trust ARE communication, accept nothing else at face value. The hunger for power speaks of a deeper powerlessness trying to act itself out in the world. The problem is not firstly IN the world and so it will never be healed or answered there. The problem is a faulty self-definition. A failure or breakdown of communication that calls for realignment within integrity - reintegration.

Privacy is a gift of love. Not a right of fear. Communication is what war is designed to disrupt, limit and control. There are many ways of saying 'No' that are honest, direct and open to genuine communication from another. Force is not inherently coercive. A true defence embodies true values. Believing our own spin turns everything to lies - in which anything is what you say it is even if you don't believe it so.

Be true to yourself, all the rest must follow on - but be aware that ID phishing goes right back the the Apple!

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