Thursday, 26 March 2015

Global fear agenda

Europe's Real Anti-EU Revolution May Be an Individual One

The above editorial brought out the probability of disaffection and withdrawal of allegiance relative to top-down impositions of globalism, and prompted this comment from me:

Private agenda coercively and deceitfully asserted and enforced, redefines and redirects the energy and purpose of life to an evaporation via the illusions of power within powerlessness.
But there has to be SOMETHING IN such agenda to give it even partial allegiance, or it is simply revealed as a meaninglessness unworthy of a second thought - of giving serious attention to.
Un-owned fear drives private agenda - for one does not WANT to face and feel and know such "powerlessness" or "meaninglessness" of self, and the mind is utilised to script a narrative in which some self-specialness is retained, via victory or victim-hood.
While it WANTS such "unconsciousness" of evaded responsibility, it is not only a sucker for a scam, it drives the market.

The idea of a global imposition of control is the "ego" writ large, driven by corporate amplifications of gross materialism wrapped around the possessive obsession and a fear of defeat and loss of self - which on one level is like a grand chess game determined to be the 'real game' beneath all the illusions of self-vanity - as if  power over life exacts some kind of temporary revenge in the denial of un-owned limitations upon one's will.

The template of consciousness that has become dominant currency over the last few thousand years is itself changing, but not as a result of coercive manipulation - but as an expression of a shifting within consciousness to a different foundation than coercive manipulation.

To overplay one's hand is to expose one's lack of substance and lose credibility. But if a false foundation lacks substance then there is no way of maintaining the illusion of legitimate currency apart from seeking to delay the inevitable in the guise of false growth and protection against self-inflicted division.

Working to avoid the inevitable, or waiting for someone else's bubble to burst - is a delay tactic. It is our own consciousness that is unrecognized in its participation in false self definitions, from which true fulfilment can never fruit.

Global communication and relationship, is part of the emerging technology that represents or reflects the transcendence of limits of space and time. But communication and relationship have been largely subverted to the mentality of war, and winning, in a kind of psychological defence mechanism acted out collectively. Defences against communication and relationship are a war on Self or on Life Itself. Only in darkness can they seem to have any meaning whatsoever.

The drive to achieve or maintain control in the illusion of power generates experience of darkness by which to recognize what one is NOT.
This recognition opens a fresh foundation - even if it seems to be in the context of breakdown or chaos.

True currency extends and embodies and reflects value truly shared, communicated and known AS relationship. Fig-leaves take all their apparent value from a mistaken fear of 'nakedness'.  The mask is implicitly a cover-up and a complicity of denial. There is, however, more to life than prevailing as a masked agenda, over dis-integrity of word, thought, deed and behaviour. A life that knows and grows its abundance rather than multiplying a sense of lack by seeking to get it from others.

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