Thursday, 26 March 2015

Free to challenge a lack of freedon

A Lack of Freedom Is Destroying the Middle Class, Not Chinese Competition - See more at the Daily Bell

My comment on the use of laws as a weapon against our true nature:

When 'laws' operate against rather than in support of freedom, one must in some sense 'violate' the boundary and limit of the presumed or believed law in the fact of being who one freely and truly is. Or one denies and limits and thus 'violates' the innate law of one's nature in order to fit or join in with an idea that may be collectively reinforced.
'Thinking outside of the box' is now a cliche, having been used as a mask for the same old thinking in a new set of clothes. But a perspective from beyond or outside the definitions by which one identifies and lives by, is only found by those who can connect to their true nature - which IS inspirational imagination of curiosity and discovery.
This capacity or willingness, must yield the personal sense for as Einstein correctly stated; "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." Indeed, one yields into a level in which the problem doesn't exist, or is redefined more clearly, more sanely, thus revealing obvious response thereof.
Love of truth is foundational to such willingness - regardless the alloy of the personality structure. But 'New Wine' can and often is, framed in old Paradigm of a self-seeking agenda rooted in hidden and un-owned fear, and this means that insight is harnessed to the attempt to manipulate and control rather than to the reintegration of a dis-integrity that arises FROM such idea believed and applied.
The personality structure in consciousness and in the patterning of the brain is not inherently fixed. Indeed it changes all the time - even moment by moment. That aspect of our being is fluid, flexible and transformable. However, while we are invested in it as an exclusive sense of self, it is defended against healing change and becomes the attempt to coerce life - as if such power is ours, or is in any way necessary or meaningful.
But the idea of being a separated isolated individual against life and others - who sees others in terms only of what can be GOT from them, is not a law - but passes as such by allegiance and tacit mutual reinforcement. Then one only thinks in terms of the self such idea provides and that can only be healed by bringing the underlying self-defined limitation and division to the light of an honest awareness.

It is possible to immediately accept truths that leave behind all that one had believed to be one's life - but it is rare, and most of us create or demand processes of transition. Indeed one can get lost in transition - that is one can become identified within the idea of process in place of aligning process to a direct objective or desire.

Education or a 'leading out' of a capacity to live and be oneself within relationship, is called for - primarily by example. Regardless that it breaks the unwritten law of truly thinking and knowing for oneself and bringing that to one's relations - rather than seeking and finding the thinking that effectively masks a true presence in allegiance to a god of fear.

Where we are coming from is more important than the form of what we are doing - because the latter without the former is so often a kind of phishing attack by which a stolen identity operates illegitimately.

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