Tuesday, 24 March 2015

A World Without the Welfare State

A World Without the Welfare State
A Daily Bell article By Richard Ebeling

My comment:

"private or political hands"
I have no reason to see any but cosmetic division between these when a financially directed corporate agenda runs or at least holds such influence over the political process.
An more deeply honest -  appreciation of consciousness itself, is called for when sickness of inflammatory conflict, dysfunctionality and breakdown of shared purpose and trust renders life intolerable.
The mentality of coercing and controlling life - including one's own consciousness of it - seeks to persist in out-of-true dissonance whilst masking or redistributing the consequence of guilt, fear, self-invalidation and pain.
Ingenuity contrives ever more complex instruments of obfuscation - such that the half-wit leads the blind. Health is not physically defined, any more than life, Restored wholeness of being - on all levels of what it is to be and not just those given focus by fearful drive to escape fear - is what 'works', and any attempt to replace a real relationship with a 'getting mechanism' - no matter how well intentioned or altruistic - can extend or promote health, radiant wealth, happiness and synchronicity of positive outcomes.
Even to engage in vocabulary of verbal mental linear concept, tends to be interpreted only through the distortion filter of whatever version of reality is accorded 'truth' in the reader's thoughts system.
Such disconnected and destructive paternalism as is operating coercion via the mask of caring, cannot operate without the demand for unconsciousness of self-AND shared responsibility. Waking up to responsibility IS exercising freedom. Running of defaults of ideas that are NOT true of you is to give the power of your freedom away to idols or false gods as if they will save you from unowned and unrecognized fear.
Fear denied becomes a dark manipulating deceit. Fear brought to light becomes the process of shitting off or releasing what does not belong. When one is heavily identified in a fearful self definition it will seem that fear protects by maintaining a segregated sense of personal control over and against the feared and so the process of healing itself is interpreted as threat and enemy.

Ultimately one is either cooperating with a Life aligning process of reintegrating consciousness or asserting an ever more dense and TAXING defence upon the relational communication that is life manifest.
Rationality tends to support or justify and out-of-true act of thought,word or deed. But true Reason is sanity itself - of a wholeness of being - rather than asserting exclusive definitions upon reality.
Seeking a true foundation must arise from recognizing one's own as false. While we want to maintain the false we will busy ourselves with seeing false foundational thought in others and obtaining a reinforcement for our own lack of true foundation by being 'against' what is wrong with the world, others or indeed our self.

Ultimately, eventually, inevitable, it all comes home to roost. BUT the owning of one's own choice is the freedom to choose anew - whereas the projection of one's own subjection of victim status, in lack and loss of grievance, ensures that the choice is hidden and therefore unchangeable. This is the belief in and worship of sin - for the investment in grievance of wound and damage, gives a kind of power over life that those seeking power refuse to yield by restoring their mind to a wholly present Presence.
The power of illusion may be used for creative endeavour, but the illusion of power can only use up or deplete the true resource or foundation upon which it depends for all that it seems to be - even though its relationship with source and wholeness is an ignorant arrogance of a corrupting self-deceit.

There are many modalities to restoring health. But when the intent is to protect and nurture the sickness so as to persist against one's true desire, then none of them will do more than delay the inevitable. Truth is inevitable, because it simply Is - where illusions must be maintained by force and guile, which can only exhaust one's capacity of allegiance. Which is a good thing - though it is not pleasant to arrive at.

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