Saturday, 15 July 2017

Everything is a Psyop (I want it THUS!)

Everything is a Psyop

Everything is converging to reveal the running of a psyop - or false matrix of diversionary management of un-healed fear - whether by manufactured derivative events that trigger by association, secretly nurtured conflicts or asserted narrative of identity/reality over the actual symptom/effect/feedback experience.
Dealing with the branches is not dealing with the root.

I see an underlying psyop that what we accept as our mind both 'is' and 'does'. This mind is so pervasive as to operate as 'real' or accepted self-evident. It is already a psychic-emotional investment and entanglement operating its particular conditioning - as its personal perception and experience.

The term psychology is a distanciation from the relational reality - as if a separated objective psyche can observe and judge another without their own psychic-emotional involvement. Such is the wishful thinking of science as technologism and such politics as we operate is the same old 'power struggle' operating through a wishful science.  The power of a wish is everything you give it and "I want it THUS!' is uncovered beneath every sense of denial and deprivation that always results from giving power to a private assertion at expense of wholeness.

In this way we 'set ourselves up to fail' in the a tempt to coerce reality - whether that be our own (true) consciousness, or others or our world. And yet the blindness of self assertion is unaware of its own self-attack in its focus on the outer, the other and the world as the denier of its wish-fulfilment - that is inherently a self-specialness or exceptionalism in search of validation in specific forms and conditions. Self-blindness operates a reversal in Consciousness in which the effect drives the cause such as to condition the cause to believe itself victim or subject to its own embodying thought - and thus compelled to defend against the symptoms of its own unconscious self-denials as if under threat from alien or other power. In aligning under this idea of power it becomes a back-door for an 'alien will' to operate as its power and protector - whilst actively defending against the restoration of wholeness and sanity of being.

The other is an unrecognized brother - at the level of cause - for choice remains the power in another as in ourselves by which to recognize and release identity investment in wish for a true willingness in being. The attempt to capture or coerce the minds of others is the way to lose your mind as your Creative Connectedness within a wholeness of being in exchange for a private world in which you rule - as the determiner of 'reality'.

Any effect of an insanity is a call to realign in wholeness - but if framed in fear and guilt thinking - becomes the call to war in hate justified and truth violated.

The unipolar fantasy is simply a death wish. For Life Is Relational extension, recognition and appreciation. An anti-life gives only to ‘get rid of’ - as if to get 'more' from another's less - and is trained to 'see' the errors and evils in the 'other' above all else so as to gratify a negative appreciation of self-superiority or aggrandizement and inflation. This can be verified with only a few moment observation of our own thought - instead of running within the bubble reality of such thinking.

A 'multi-polar' world is a step to a richer sense of balance between diversities of human aspirations and fears - that have roots in our true nature and a usurping sense of guilt arising from the loss of the wellspring of our being to a power struggle under threat that is watered and fed by the persistence of the mind made to come between or interject itself into and upon your consciousness. Deceit operates via fears and guilts that are themselves fearful and masked over shame.

Without relational resonance there is no awareness of being. But the first voice in our mind sees an unworthiness it feels called to 'correct'. Pausing from reaction is the way to receive of a fresh perspective - that undoes the past in the present to thus release our future from a past made in anger;
 "I want it THUS!"

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