Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Vaccines are not immune from being held to account

This is a crappy headline in its framing terms. Vaccines can be accepted as part of the cause of adverse health events without the full gamut of 'studies' that can be framed and published to 'prove' almost anything for long enough to assert a debunk or introduce uncertainty into any case against corporate cartel power agenda.

EU court: Vaccines can be blamed for illnesses without proof

  Bad 'science' operates dogma of 'corporate consensus' that allows NO re-visiting of its own narrative (mythic) foundations, and makes impossible for anything NOT supporting such an identity investment to have a voice. A captured mind has no eyes to see and no ears to hear.

The Trojan horse works the blind spot of the need to believe a false sense of self - in defence against a feared sense of self - and life. The assertion and imposition of power over others - and over life - is the basis from which the same is expected and assigned to others seen unworthy.

Truth need fear no challenge - and the very act of denying or suppressing communication is the sign of an 'fear-infected' mind - for fear itself is contagion and its symptoms are the 'proofs' from which to operate hate as 'legitimate' power.

But the lie has every reason to fear exposure - and to add ever more layers of lies to protect the first - and such is the insanity of a world that protects the disease from being healed by redefining everything in the terms and framing of sickness, conflict, division and sacrifice to the 'power' that promises to protect - and yet goes forth to multiply a false foundation in ever more insidious and tragic entanglements of self-deceit cloaked in wishful presentations.

There is NO proof vaccines are safe - or effective in their stated purpose. Though it is possible to redistribute, divert and repackage or redefine so as to doctor the account and seem to make a profit.

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