Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Fake politics and fake debates

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Fake politics frames itself to divide and divert from real choice. Social engineering is not the exclusive domain of politicians - but established power uses the political arena as part of its diversion. Look out for forced mandatory vaccinations. The science is hollow and the effect caustic. Fascism is never confined or defined by its 'front man' except as a populist ruse. It is a corporate international power elitism that has more than funding - it owns the Banking system, along with the bulk of the corporate infrastructure in whose basket are almost all of our eggs.
As for Brexit - where is the journalism? Why did Cameron call it? Why was it framed and ran with such false passion? Whose agenda is it serving?

A fake debate framed so as to set up the 'populist' vs the 'globalist' polarity, may give illusion of a temporary victory in which 'populism' can be then associated with such chaos as to make the globalist cause its saviour. We should know that key globalist objectives are the undermining of traditional cultures and identities upon which a 'new world order' proscribes and indoctrinates 'correct' thinking and behaviour. But according to WHO exactly!

Globalism is simply already the technological fact in many ways - but a corporate cartel of global 'technocracy' is not really 'Trade Deals' or 'Health Care' or 'Security' so much as setting the power class beyond the reach of any accountability or check to its power. The nature of a top-down 'politic' through the mask of (ever weaker) state protections and rights is a tyranny - regardless the management of the medicated masses.

The political nature of the EU as a globalist stepping stone, hides behind its many faces - just as do so many corporate agendas hide in seemingly benign or seemingly independent 'bodies', organisations.
Trojan phishing steals identity by adopting FORMS that seem acceptable - particularly as set in some triggered fear of loss or penalty. Corporate politics uses this ruse to capture mindshare, and outsource pain while seeking to profit by devious means that typically captures or controls the legal or regulatory bodies meant to protect the whole.
There is no real governance so much as management of assets and liabilities.

There may be little that can be done to stop an anti-life agenda from turning everything to debt, war, sickness and death by stealth and guile of misplaced identity investment, (PR), but there may be everything doable in alignment with a true foundation. But this calls for true witness or indeed true WITH-ness.

History can be seen as succession of competing ‘conspiracies’ - yet in our day there is little need to hide what everyone is trained or conditioned to map out, avert from, and NOT see, nor give witness to - and so fake politics engages fake identities in the illusion of choices that all operate a conspiracy against truth. How else could the illusion of power within fantasy gratifications hold any appeal but set in context where it seems validated by what it opposes and seems to protect from?

Our (global) 'political debate' needs to open to who and what we ARE - and what is our purpose or function - for the old derivatives have lost their original meaning in the 'post-truth' era of 'technocratic' control of financial, corporate and legal usurpation.

The logical outcome of (any) ideas accepted true, shapes everything 'downstream' to those ideas. So look to and sweep out the Template (of definitions that shape our interpretation of events) by which we judge our reality to be - as a way of changing somewhat gracefully - for no model can be maintained against truth but by sacrifice of true to an allegiance in the lie, the fake and the power called up and asserted to protect the false from exposure. How much pain (and meaninglessness) can be woven into a mask of a life under which the true is hostage - or forgot? How insane can we consent to become and yet adapt or normalize a diminished consciousness under a fake narrative?

The following comment did not get through as comments closed while I was writing it:

Why not start with real journalism? But then who could remove the penalties associated with speaking truth to power ?
'What side is your bread buttered'?
PR isn't about persuading people so much as setting a narrative that becomes difficult to deviate from without seeming dissonant and attracting penalty.
Narrative control does not need your belief - so much as your reaction based upon your targeted and generally unconscious beliefs. So weak is relational honesty of communication regarded that we coin the term 'post truth' era.

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