Thursday, 13 July 2017

HPV Vaccine marketing and uninformed ‘consent’

I commented to an article by Rob Verkerk, founder of Alliance for Natural Health (International) in 2002

HPV Vaccine marketing and uninformed ‘consent’

My comment:

How far along a false path will we persist in the belief it true - until we recognize the error that costs us truth?
There are different levels of invested belief that are fear-directed and fear-reinforcing. The most fearfully entangled cannot 'see' or 'hear' anything fear does not dictate. Their 'model' of reality is a replica of their own fearful sense of separated existence. All else is sacrificed to the 'survival' of a sense of power and protection to escape from or avoid terror and loss. This operates a reversal in consciousness working against Life under the belief it is self-protective.
The 'evil' of such a disconnected defence given power is the persistence in the idea of separation as a temporary salvation from total pain or loss - and it operates as power over Life - as if such victory could make a wish for power a real achievement.
Alignment within Life is a result of restoring communication to a sense of fragmentation at war within itself. Those of us who are awake to that we have a true choice can witness that true power by choosing not to give power of reinforcement or acceptance to false, loveless and fear-directed thinking in praise or blame - but attend the situation as it is, address the actual issues that the situation serves to mask - and give witness to and thus grow a true sense of worth that refuses to join the sacrifice of true for a false promise of self-protection or power.
Denied fear calls out for power to keep the fear denied - but facing fear uncovers a true need and answer.
What is at work here but the old magic of sacrificing life to appease a god of terror - under a priesthood of deceit?
Science without a love of truth serves the denial of true that would determine and assert its judgement and subject all else to conform or comply.
Love is being with what is real - present and actually communicating.
A mask is a presentation backed by emotional incentives and penalties.
Who cannot discern one from another knows not who they are - or what they do - regardless what they do. Give to the mask of power-in-the-world what is its due - and to All Meaning give what is its due. Meaninglessness can be presented to seem to mean anything you want to believe - but thus also can you uncover what you must in fact be believing by its effect upon you.
Life is all about love because it is all about you - but a false sense of subjection, sacrifice and struggle under fear is all about a mask made for getting - and thus forgetting and fearing of the Life that would release us from a phishing attack by which we are otherwise deceived.
Wake up to the terrible state of a deceit running our world and then use that self-honesty to awaken in the love of true that brings a different world than fear makes 'real'.

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