Friday, 14 July 2017

Anti Corporate Movie Message?

Anti Corporate Movie Message?

What goes around... comes around. The perspective or Earth as a prison planet where humans are mind-captured, pharmed, managed and used as an ongoing 'experiment' is not really hidden but is masked out by the matrix of the illusion of control as if that is 'power' or 'freedom'.

Guilted division operates the jamming signal to an otherwise gratitude for wholeness of being. Once baited to react, the mind of a split-off fragmentation spins a narrative identity within a world of hate, blame and shame - in attempt to escape or wall out the fear and conflict of a 'self-hate'. Everyone has their own unique configuration and strategy. A hollow sense of lack attempts to stuff itself. The blind drive of 'getting' is the surface over the blind fear of lack and loss.

The use of All That Life Is for getting is the denial and overriding of a true receiving and giving. In the forgetting is everything 'seen' through a mind of reversal - where fear of evil becomes the very thing it fears by reacting against it instead of seeing through to the deceit of false thinking. This projects upon to our relationships as 'an evil world' and our thinking and reaction generate a 'culture' of reinforcement to the fear of and lust for power in corrupted terms. The negative loop of unconsciously denied thinking is actively generating the interpretations and experiences of a sense of subjection or tyranny in which hate and fear seem fully justified as power and protection and love seems absent, unreal, or weak.

Perhaps Earth serves as a straight-jacket planet where insane premises meet appropriate limitation, such that tolerance for pain becomes a limiting factor on persistence in false allegiance - even when consciousness of feeling and knowing anything is limited and suppressed and penalised.
The Corpse of the Corporate Insanity is a dead planet perhaps via robotic 'evolution' to its final solution - for the problem of Life to the urge to control it - is that it cannot be controlled and so can only interfere with a fantasy of perfection believed to have existed before the rude interruption or violation of its fantasy envisioned. Killing Life is then the logical urge to a mind of fantasy disconnect from its own true will.

I paint you sketches with words and meanings - not to fuel fear, hate, blame and shame - but to illuminate the choice you do not know or own to making because you fear it damns you - and in that fear it does. But in truth the choice you are making is the choice you can un-make or release to a better and more aligned integrity of being. Being is beneath all the thinking of the surface asserting reality - but often covered in layers of blame and shame that are very hard (read hateful!) to tolerate exposure to - and so the mind recoils to shut down and mask or hide in a division of asserted 'order' But all the king's horses and all the king's men could not put Humpty together again. Because the Fall or Separation was a false flag.

Involvement in the Movie can be given priority over your real relationships - and if they seek to restate the true of you - your Movie can script that into the dream as intruders to be denied.
Corps-Consumption is a dead end - but let the dead bury the dead by attending the living - which moves you as a feeling knowing being that you are the balancing of - as you cooperate rather than 'Control'.

Remorse for actions that hurt yourself and others is a recognition by which to release that choice in a new one. But guilt masks a refusal to change. Yet even a glimpse of awareness that such a refusal is active is an awakening and expansion of Consciousness. Every step of a true recognition is maximal regardless the framing of the identity in its asserting beliefs. Corporate responsibility has to awaken to challenge its own predicates - as does a blind consumption - if you truly want to live Life - rather than upload 'your' thinking into fantasy associations.

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