Saturday, 15 July 2017

Destructive agenda beneath a flimsy narrative

The destructive nature of America's alliances

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Trade, alliance and plunder

All of us are trained to present a face of acceptability or indeed a mask over our private thought and intent, and so the presentation of a surface reality' is of various levels of obfuscation.
Trade can mean a consensual and honest or just exchange, but more often relates to dominance, exploitation and plunder.
Shifting alliances amidst treachery operate as narrative identities to support the current agenda but all power elites tend to operate collectively against their populations.
The use of the 'economy' as the primary means of capture might risk revolt if it were the only such means.
Too big to fail or to jail - means that institutional corruption is so entangled in the 'economy' that pharming poverty, sickness and war upon a mind-captured compliance is simply accepted as the lesser evil.
I am not as versed in history as Eric Zuesse but have reason to believe that financial control is part of the intent of war - and imposed sanctions can be part of inducing an enemy to 'start' a war.

Where Caesar rules, most give due tax or tribute when revolt is futile. But such compliance or conformity would not exist without the iron fist that lies beneath. When 'US interests' operate a globalism that has no real regard for the land or the people of the USA - it seems to me that the host is no longer itself - but run by trans-national  (I considered using the term trans-human) power cartels who maintain the illusion of nations and political process as a diversionary front while what lies behind is kept hidden as the active deceit by which powerlessness is maintained in the general population.

Trump seems to be a 'face' under which rules are brazenly flouted and the old 'order' of compliant 'alliances' thrown into disarray. As if Trump calls the shots! Everything is a psyop. However, the nature of deceit is to bait by reaction and as with hacking exploits, the widespread propagation of such devices becomes the awakening to their ploy. There is also the nature of teaching by demonstration; such that any example sets an actual model for others to follow - albeit in their own format.

Regardless what forms it takes, the underlying psyop works the split mind of a sense of personal power set over and against hidden fears and guilts, hidden for the most part in 'scapegoats'. We may find we give more to Caesar than we realized - and that in doing so, we take it from the truly worthy and lose our worth thereby. So to wake up to a true sense of worth is to extend it where it is due - and in truth it is beneath the lie and the fear that defends or aligns with the lie against pain of loss as if it was one's power and protection in a hateful and fearful existence.

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