Thursday, 13 July 2017

We are all Palestinians

Palestine is Still the Issue
by John Pilger

My comment:

A compulsive liar is of the belief that one's own deceit cannot be defined or accepted to be a lie when used to protect a self-image, a special identity, against attack. Attack that is innately ascribed to 'other-self and other-people regardless anything they say of do. National Security is such a liar.  Narrative control operates the same way for the personal as for the collective.

The 'right to defend' is power issuing from a cultivated sense of victimhood and vengeance. The idol of self-specialness in victim and in victory, is the father of the lie that projects its worthless 'self' onto a hated other - so as to invalidate them, take power over life and lord it over them.

Though these traits may be exemplified in some more than others, the core pattern is something to be vigilant against in ourselves - for it resides in the foundations of the human personality structure as the nature of power-struggle arising from the wish to assert and impose it rather than live the power of our true creative choices.

Exactly who in the 'Zionist', US and UK/EU operates the transgenerational 'will to power' may not be answerable - for subservience to power-worship is the hollowing out of the individuality to serve as a tool. That they know this is evidenced by making tools of useful idiots - but the idiot looks downstream to feel self-important, while upstream is opaque to the power that makes or breaks according to its own dictate. Give due sacrifice then, that you may be favoured when others are singled out!

The will to power is a purpose that embodies a 'power class' who recognize and resonate in life as defined by hatred of powerlessness - given power. Who worships vengeance has accepted a blind god of hate in return for private fantasy gratifications acted out over and over in defiance and denial of true.

Empire in the old sense is obsolete as a result of the technology to capture and condition the mind. Everything is thus considered for its use in 'psychological operations' of a full spectrum dominance over what is allowed to be thought, said or done. If mind-control via fear, division and framed outcomes is revealed as the foundation of the 'power structure' - then the waking and reclaiming of true Consciousness from the robotic sleep of golem reaction is the undoing of a reversal in consciousness.

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