Sunday, 28 February 2016

Logic - this is NOT that.

Logic: how to introduce it and improve mush-minds

Logic is consistency and congruency of thought but does not provide its own basis or foundation from which to automatically proceed or unfold itself.

Such a starting point may be an assertion or stated definition or belief that can take the form of a foundation - while already being in contradiction.

"This is that" or false association is the minds capacity to imagine meanings that reflect its own wish to override, distort, exploit and re-frame Felt and Shared Relational Meaning as a sense of power to invoke a private mind-dream upon Shared Mind-Stream (Communication Itself) and reconfigure such mind in emulation to project and externalize its denials and interpret them as world to be likewise manipulated, exploited, usurped.

Imagination without integrity is conflicting purpose. Mind Itself is another term for without limit but thought that is not directly extending the Qualities of Mind is self-contradiction. The law of Mind is its unqualified nature and never in fact defined by any framing perspective within thought by which to use 'As If' to replace 'As Is'. What Is - Is and what Is, is as it is - but can be experience infinitely - which includes experiencing it as it is Not as an effect of holding focus and desire in definition that is untrue of What and Who you are as the awareness of existence; a unique expression of the movement of Being in the act of creation that is integrally part or and one with Every other likewise unique expression of Existence - within a richness or multidimensional interrelated that is both the wholeness (Non Local) AND the specific (Local) at Once - with every instant being a wholeness of integrality clearly felt and received and shared - or mis-taken within the lens of a falsely or incompletely asserted self-definition.

The ability to differentiate in thought within and seemingly from Awareness, is a power to forget, cover over or Not Know, (that you are knowing) is part of the movement of segregative consciousness. Implicit to initiating such movement is the reintegrative movement of coming back into your right (whole) Mind - as Is. The interplay of shifting focus in these apparent polarities of possibility and probability is Experience. But the nature of the Integrative movement is a higher, more embracing perspective of synchronicity... presence - as is.

'What you give out is what you get back' is also a law or unalterable nature of Mind - and regardless any form of expression, its foundation is your reflection. So it can be said as 'where you are coming from is where you are experiencing yourself to be'. Coming from or embodying an idea of conflicted self-definition must result the reflection of conflicting relation or world.

So the experiencing of a self-conflicted dissonance is a result or effect of taking a definition of self and allowing it to run instead of the Mind that is your source and nature - for your own reasons.

But the law of mind as it applies to a false foundation projects itself out as a split off logical extension of denial and denied-ness, that operate in the active but disguised suppression and avoidance of  dissonance-guilt, dissonance-terror, dissonance-rage - and so forth - so that a self-focus can be 'born' within but temporarily unconscious of a deeper imprint conditioning that generates the framing of its world or life experience.

The willingness or grace of noticing and releasing of the false is the stirring or rising of and honesty or undefended awareness of being that recognizes what it is NOT as NOT true and not available or in any sense meaningful to accept, use, focus within, value, identify with or against or persist in giving attention and investment to. The natural movement of being simply operates clearly to a free attention and is recognisably Life - not conceptualizable forms of derivative impressions and association by which to assert or claim a mind of one's own - over (any symbolic or conceptual image of) Life.

This Movement of being is the capacity of discernment - for the acceptance of what is truly resonant and relevant to who you in this instant know and feel yourself to be, illuminates all that is incongruent or dissonant to you within the light of an awareness of a relational wholeness of being - that in simple terms is the call to joy - but as the unfolding or your own unique receiving and giving of wholeness, fulfilment, appreciation, and gratitude.

The Movement of (the focus) of being within the Infinite or edgeless and open quality of wholeness is the restoring of imagination as the true expression of an integrity of embrace - and the healing of a split off sense of self-hatred that was fed by denial and given power by fear to rage demoniacally in an unwatched mind.

This is a sketch in word-meanings of a willingness to open/share perspective of a Living Movement of being. The word-meanings can never substitute for the willingness - excepting a wish to seem to be who or what I am not - for my own reasons. That is - for reasons that can be uncovered and enquired of in simple curiosity to be found revealing of something that serves me in a way that I can now accept, release and move on from or 'put behind me' by the simplicity of embracing what I prefer rather than being defined by what I do NOT want.

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