Sunday, 28 February 2016

Hatred is also a co-factor for disease

Chemical found in babies' dummies and condoms 'probably causes cancer'

This boiler palet article in the Telegraph prompted the following response:

Let us presume a modicum of intelligence and look at this data to see what it might actually mean. The word 'probably' is not definite, however, I feel the notion of a single 'cause for cancer' unless it were persistent oxidative damage and inflammation itself by ANY means - is a misnomer. There are various co-factors or risk factors for the developing of cancer in the body. Some sense of proportionality is needed here because kerbs are potential trip hazards but do not prevent people crossing the road. We need a contextual overview of a proportionate relationship.
There are also various agencies of activity, exposure and diet that operate to minimize or protect against or even ameliorate developing or developed cancers. And there are other activity, exposure and dietary effects that work to weaken or block the immune system - many of which are heavily pushed by pervasively powerful corporate marketing and mainstream media compliance. But again we are not educated nor even expected to ask or seek answer on gaining a core clarity as to what is in fact going on here. Instead is a managed 'reality' in which we are effectively conditioned to presume that frontiers of knowledge are being rolled back, with new hazards always being used to feed into allegiance to a strictly pharmacological approach in which nutrition and indeed biology is ignored to instead protect some sense of freedom to live our-of-true and apply a weird science to bolster and support such ignorance in the name of 'scientific neutrality' - which is a double lie because the context and purpose of what we are seeking is driven by human desire no matter how it presents itself, and to operate within a profit driven framework is not and cannot be science. The profit making side has to be held within the scientific framework - which is a desire to uncover - and align with, truth. Profit is not merely money, but seeking power over systems, people, biology and indeed consciousness - in terms of the narrative by which reality is interpreted and accepted.
There is a responsibility for communicating 'news' information that must go beyond scaremongering that may serve the interests of the 'management'. It is a relationship with the reader as well as a relationship with the true witness to what is happening as best it can be discerned and determined.
What I invite is simple - and yet when it is neglected, the complexity of evils grows an infernal entanglement in which clear thinking and true feeling is easily hijacked and lost to what might be seen as a cancerous growth of anti-life or rogue purpose that usurps Life in and 'lives' at the expense of the whole as well as the communion of the parts, while seeming to be the gaining of power and protection for a sense of self that fears itself disconnected and powerless - and compelled to operate its own 'private survival' at the cost of others.
This sense self in feeling fear, is deep in our human conditioning but generally is heavily suppressed so as to maintain a surface world where it doesn't impinge. I invite you to see why this not only cannot really work - but why it inevitably operates the very same pattern of disconnection, conflict and limitation that is then suffered  in disguised presentation. Fear is driving much of what we present as power and this is operating a reversal of consciousness while seeming to protect a very few who then seem to hold a disproportionate power.
There may is not an answer of how to live, within the terms of the asserted identity we have currently set and persisting in it is feeding the very thing that kills us. It is also the patterning of an identity that seeks to escape 'negative' feelings such as fear and remain free of awakening responsibility by using or blaming 'others'.
But blaming is the attempt to get rid of a sense of hatred that merely keeps the hatred while seeming to have less of it than 'other'. Hatred unconsciously held in the emotional and physical body is also a co-factor for disease.

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