Friday, 30 January 2015

Scarcity in the perception of power

A Summary (in quotes) of the first Media Lens book, 'Guardians of Power'

led me to write what I feel joins with the theme - but from an appreciation upon the structure of consciousness that runs beneath the world.

- - -

I've read and appreciated reading this but feel to note the political effect is one with the consciousness cause.

The idea of a dark lens of distortion is not new and the idea of a deceiving mentality is not new - but what is less often acknowledged is that its defence against exposure, and subsequent disregard, is the device of denial and projection - for these two are one. What is denied, hated, or rejected in one's own consciousness is made real or validated as a negatively charged fear, by the projection away from self - onto world or other - and then reacted to as true - in the seeking of mutual reinforcement and agreement.

This device purports to temporarily protect from intolerable guilt and the 'rational' mind is invoked to justify and support such division as if an actual separation.

The 'lie and the father of the lie', is the force of the wish to defend a fearfuly defined sense of self as if it is true. This inevitably operates at expense of truth and in disregard to others or one's own true interests. It is the mind of war to which truth is sacrificed.

In the identifying of the 'liar' within Consciousness - of which one's true being is an expression, one becomes free of the personality assertions that sidetrack and displace - or mask and hide  - the actual issues from exposure - and thus protect from resolution.

Rather than seek moral righteousness in opposing the wrong, we can embody an integrity or congruency of being that is able to communicate itself and address the issues without being baited or lured into the crab barrel of futility.

A current ML article uses the term 'rewilding'. I remind those open to symbolic wisdom that God's response to the Paradise Pair who thought to be masked and self-empowered by their own thinking, was "And who told you you were naked?".

Who tells us we are shameful, blameful, inadequate to our life, unworthy of love, etc etc?
The liar does. Whether apparently externally or apparently internally.

Jesus said - (and I don't use him here as an 'external authority' to hide in), that it is what comes out of a mouth that defiles it and not what goes in. Just let 'mouth' stand for mind and see that whatever we are exposed to, it is up to us what we accept, share on and thus identify and belief true for us. For if we give our focus of energy and attention, we are choosing it - even if we do so in 'secret' or by the device of a  'compartmentalized' division in place of knowing and sharing wholeness.

Fear frames all choice within its own founding dictate and so operates as a tyrannous will, masked in the illusion of freedom. But fear itself is a choice, and to recognize that fact, is to resume the use of a power we have never really 'given away' - but covered over in the belief we got rid of it. Why? Because one can use the idea of power to hurt oneself in such a way as to then seek to limit loss and protect a fragment. The mind is then split in the search to regain its power/love/identity through the very relations that it has projected its own rejection upon.

The diversion into fear operates as a reversal within consciousness  where the effect is put before the cause - and becomes believed to exist apart from and thus becomes (in its own belief) its own cause.

In truth such false identity attacks and undermines its own power source for its seeming 'power' comes from denial of true. That is, it has all the power you give it in the belief it is you - or your protector and guide.

While in principle this is simple, the investment in fear is deeply layered with defences such that communication access is effectively denied. Not unlike addiction.
However, the true nature of Consciousness IS Communication and so there is a perspective available in which to recognize or waken from the mistaken identity, and we can seek and find and extend the conditions in which such communication is freely accepted.

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