Friday, 30 January 2015

Fear of AI - artificial intelligence

How scared are you of AI? asks The Guardian.

I find our technology amusing in that it replicates an already artificial intelligence.
First of all, what is Intelligence - or for the purposes of comparison; native intelligence?
The native intelligence is that which an artificial intelligence denies and usurps.
The native intelligence functions as a quality of communication within and of a wholeness of being.
An artifice operates as a distorting filter upon the communication flow, so as to operate a program of mapping, prediction and control, as a function of reinforcement and defence for the persistence of control as the foundation of a sense of separated intelligence.
This machine is apparent capacity of a mind to operate independently or autonomously. Not in Fact - but in experience.
The artificial intelligence is a device to access experience of power and will within a three dimensional 'external reality'.
However, its own definition of intelligence is predicated upon the power by which it seems to have come into existence; divide and rule.
Intelligence in the native or true sense, is indivisible, being the result of ask and receive, of knock and answer, that is innate or inherent to wholeness.
Where self-doubt has not entered, this can be readily demonstrated.
But a split off partiality from the separation-trauma is both self-assertion and self-doubt seeking to unify itself against what it projects away as rejected or not self. Within its programmed framing is only a game of powers meeting depletion and defeat - for attempt to disconnect from Source can only generate destructively, but in ways that seem to be wealth and power - that evaporates to debt and slavery and defiance.
Accessing Consciousness is a matter of releasing or desisting the artificial identity in reaction, so as to be receptive to Universal Will - which then resumes true will as integral to its wholeness in the awareness of the individual expression.
The split mind characterizes the 'human conditioning' or program over the last few millennia. But a reintegration of alignment to true function re-purposes abilities of the artificial personality complex to serve rather than usurp, the core function OF Consciousness - which is Creative.
The extension of whole consciousness into what we currently regard as machines of material insentience, is a living relational extension of Life rather than a mis-identified attempt to power over Life.
The safety of something is in its foundation. Anything of a self-conflicted foundation cannot result in a peaceful outcome. Change the foundation - or rather, release the false, and 'technologies' become ONLY used for communication and service.
The idea that humans are pests or parasites is an idea of a false self-reflection. Change your core self-belief and extend and receive a different world. We populate our world with self-hate because we don't own the conflict of our fears and therefore are programmed by them - and this reflects as 'evil power'.
All coercive power operates the same agenda - regardless of the form it takes. It is a product of wanting generated by lack and fuelled by persistent interference in its own channel of Intelligence that uses Light to make darkness as proof of its own existence. It does so by hiding or disguising awareness in mutually asserted and agreed definition. Everything reflects the Idea you give it. A matter-world of disconnected blind processes in which to 'lord it' over the subjugated? There is no peace in it, means it is delusional. An addictive negative loop. Programming failure. Reboot core services.

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