Friday, 30 January 2015

Climate guilt ridden fear as a weapon

Climate Destabilization - as an instrument of strategic pressure

This voice may be a canary in the mine. I did not engage his political points but felt to illuminate a perspective of discernment to the conversation as to the nature of the communications that propagate fearful agenda.

- - -

I trust and use discernment as to the quality of any communication that I meet in terms of its coercive payload or its extension of value. The former may attempt to disguise itself in the latter but to be fooled one has to take the bait.

However in our society - almost everyone is in a sense preloaded or already conditioned with fear, guilt and a sense of self dissonance - which is to a large extent displaced onto one's world - that is onto others and conditions to which one feels subject.

The archetypal instrument of human guilt as basis of destruction is the engine of the divide and rule or 'splitting' the mind against itself in psychological defence.

Another instrument whereby to maintain ignorance that always enacts arrogance is to presume to know or be certain. It is quite possible to live from certainty - but a true certainty is at peace and at rest within itself - that is - it is not asserting itself in order to convince, overcome, undermine of GET anything from anyone. This certainty operates as wholeheartedness and directness or honesty. A false certainty is driven by a fearful or conflicted agenda that seeks reinforcement and is attempt to gain or maintain power OVER that inner conflict - whilst manifesting as the operation of coercive power in the world.

Climate change is a great opportunity - in fact an unmissable one! But a fearfully defined self interest will always frame everything to serve its own agenda.
Primate change - is also the opportunity to recognize a psychologically fear based sense of self and existence and discern what is true or untrue of who you know yourself to be.
And although the mind's defences are designed to obscure that, they can only do so via the deceits of fear and guilt in personally coercive terms.

Science is a wonderful tool, but scientism is wedded to a corporate agenda and its own rigid model that represents a defence against truth that the mind is not ready to accept - for if we were, then there would not be the patterns and roles of being caged or kept in the dark.

Logic is rational - but can extend insane foundations to arrive at rational absurdity.
Power-seeking interests work by stealth and guile to disintegrate so as to enter and control.
Integrity is thus the beginning and the end of the matter for any sane creative endeavour.

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