Friday, 30 January 2015

Embodying the Transcendental in Art

The Mystery of Music: Explaining the transcendental

To the above thinking:

Why not "both/AND"? (instead of either/or)
The nature of structures or patterns can be 'explained' or illuminated by mathematical or geometrical patterns and ratios. These in turn may correlate with patterns in consciousness and nature.
But the aesthetic appreciation and intuitive stirring of the Soul is creative act whose meaning expresses through the perceiver and embodies and reflects a Living quality that transcends any definition.
To call it anything is to attempt to 'translate it into form' and music is already bringing it into form whereas attempts to map out in models tends to serve a manipulative control that by nature is blind to wholeness - which is transcendent to the sum of its parts.
However, to BE a 'mystery' is not mysterious - but simply a direct abiding appreciation as. The sense of mystery to the mind of mapping is really just an inappropriate application of a tool. You do not require explanation to be all that you are.
However, story can use the idea of 'mystery' to indicate a special or superior state or power to which the listener is framed as in a process of attaining or becoming and this may have expediency to the role of parent or guide but becomes a manipulative exclusion of innate nature when such role becomes self-serving status.
The framing of any appreciation of music or sound patterning expression is a definitional structure of personal and cultural filters and conditionings in a unique moment or context.
The idea of taking something out of context and analyzing it, is not a musical communication so much as a focus on forms.
The reduction Living Reality to form-based meanings is the assertion of a separate mind context in which to exclude the wholeness appreciation in favour of a private agenda which can  of course find mutual reinforcement. This communicates a different foundational vibratory quality than a direct inspirational sharing. Art and artifice reflect different qualities BUT the meaning that anything has is truly the meaning one gives it. Hence there is not a unified FORM of music but there is a unified experience of joy that can be embodied musically.
Beneath the sophisticate definitions is our primitive nature of 'being moved' by the unseen and invoking or embodying it.

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