Monday, 5 May 2014

Shock Titles!

Study reveals that antibacterial soap causes breast cancer

A recent headline at: News dot com
gives news of a study that indicates links between antibacterial products and cancers.

I appreciate the site for a willingness to investigate issues that mainstream media with its vested interests does not - and so I also feel it worthy of critical feedback.
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For the sake of accuracy - please use the term 'promotes' cancer rather than causes it.
To give 100% cause to any material influence is to propagate materialism - (the denial of Consciousness as our source, nature and true condition of existence). Materialism is also like a cancer in disconnecting cells from the embrace of the whole and thus setting their survival and growth at the expense of the whole.

There is a Consciousness responsibility without which material aspects will support the embrace and extension of health or wholeness of being.

You are aware that toxic or dysfunctional stresses are part of the scenario and not the whole.

Using shock headlines is like any other shock tactic - momentary gain for long term pain.

It undermines what else you seek to support.

There are those who live long and well and don't succumb to malign influences.

Propagating fear and then providing apparent answers to fear is a way to get a certain kind of attention and following.

The undoing of fear is in reclaiming our Consciousness - in unified resolve instead of conflicting struggle.

We are liable to become the thing we hate - so rather than hate the agencies of distorted and corrupted thought, why not recognize such seeds within our own mind and stop nurturing them?

This automatically aligns our acts with a more integrated and harmonious expression - and outcome.

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