Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Beheading the masculine Denying the feminine

 THis was written into comments for
Allen Jones: The model of misogyny? - which is about an artist whose theme is to focus on images of women in exaggerated or extreme renderings of male fantasy objectification. But the page I wanted to comment into allowed no comment - and that was about the weirdness of a 'beheading' video. So this comment identifies a common underlying thread of manipulative provocation that asserts a distorted perception  and reaction.

- - -

The intent to provoke can serve different agenda. If one wants to provoke horror and outrage so as to manipulate perception, one can - but as others become wise to it one loses all credibility.

In Mass media there is great temptation to use shock tactic to coerce attention and trigger reaction so as to incept a mind-set.

Perhaps the definition of a sucker is someone who WANTS to believe something that is not true.

However, the outcome of anything is determined not by the apparent provocateur, but by the beholder.

Making a god out of qualities of the feminine is a reversal of recognising God in the innocent and intimate appreciation of such qualities.

Parodying a false god can awaken THAT it is a fantasy given power. Once seen, would you not rather open a real relationship? Perhaps the false god will make all your relations drab, tawdry and ugly. This is the nature of focussing on form as the result of withholding your love.

Beheading the mind from the heart leads to disconnected and fragmented fears glossed over with glitter and lipstick.

Denying the feminine castrates the masculine from any real capacity to extend presence and so it pretends power.

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