Wednesday, 18 September 2013

There's no success like failure - and failure's no success at all

Watch the moment when Great British Bake Off presenter Mel Giedroyc inspired a biscuit blunder in the crucial final moments of Tuesday's show.

This clip offers a great metaphor for ungrounded or wishful government interventions.

Supporting what doesn't work and cannot work and then being unable to withdraw without seeming to be the cause of collapse!

Of course it isn't only governments who enact this pattern. Our financial 'rulers' set up similar scams but usually make it seem like someone else is responsible - and buy up cheap assets.

But closer to home, our own mentality indulges vanities or wishful thinking that leads to lifestyles or relationships that cant work and will never work - and likewise seek to keep the appearances together until time runs out.

The politics (actions that express and define our society) of today seems so much focussed on 'keeping appearances together', such as to be a war on our own mind - where what is actually going on cannot be addressed or even acknowledged, and any attempt at communication is subverted into polarized denial device such that persons and 'blame' get to dominate as the maintenance of the delusion of the status quo and the entertainment-distractions of self-righteous opinion.

It is perhaps a matter of how much we have invested in the appearances of something that lacks integrity or true worth.
There is actually a great freedom in not having to keep it all up any more. "I cant do it" is a simple and liberating honesty that - accepted - lets the chips or indeed the biscuits - fall where they may while resuming a Real Life. Everyone has one and is one - but its back in a closet because it doesn't look like an Emperor's outfit.

Maybe one has to do the utmost while a ship is going down until baling out or making rafts is no longer possible. But essentially what we invest in - where we give value - will become foundational to all that comes after.

Hard to credit that this 'bake-off' isn't a set up. The implanted pathetic one for whom the audience cringes at their somewhat sadistically written scripted presentation. But life also imitates art and a nation of telly-tubbies rises to mimic the culture that is quite deliberately fed them - or does a desire for unconsciousness demand to be fed one way or another?

There's no market for anything sane - what does that say about the mind that manipulates what once was a vehicle or focus of exchange of Goods and Services. (Capitalized to draw attention to that life is good and service to life serves all).

One might claim life is not good and that if you don't serve only yourself - no one else will. Such is the power of our investment in ideas. We really don't have to set up a life or world that fails. We simply need to re-visit the definitions and ideas we are already investing in that are not honestly working for our life, our world - without blame - so as to let go of what does not work and can not work - and bring our willingness to what is already working - and cooperate with that!

Humiliation goes with the territory here. If we cant release a self-specialness then we cant embrace the native integrity of our being. A mindset of blame, shame and guilt absolutely forbids any real engagement with problem or solution , and which cannot be effected by 'divide and rule' mentality. But if that is almost all one has ever known, how could I get this message across? I say 'almost' - because no one is totally without some stirring or moment of being seen, accepted, honoured or embraced in a quality that demanded nothing of them and let them be themselves.

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