Friday, 20 September 2013

Live and let live?

Comments to an article and comment on issues around the agenda of over population.

The identification with ego-centricity, with self-concept is the ultimate killer. Self righteous arrogance and callousness that deal not with living realities - but as a righteous opinionator and manipulator upon their world, upon relations seen 'out there'. In such wise the ideas/beliefs given allegiance program our perceptions and therefore our reactions.

So much of what is dysfunctional in the world is a reflection of a breakdown of communication within each our own mind and therefore our society. The practical opportunity of my message is that you can use it to reflect back to your own legitimate curiosity and challenge the 'programming' of a fearful and manipulative tyranny from in you have become deceived into accepting as your protection.

Aid initiatives can become subverted to corruptions, but the kindness of strangers is also like the touch of God - in terms of a validation of your core being - when YOU are the one whose need is great. But we have forgotten what giving really is in our corrupted 'giving to get'.

Giving is not primarily material, but is an unwithheld presence. Scarcities that are ultimately self-imposed give rise to the fearful conflicts and breakdowns and loss of vision to correct them.

If we use interpretations of the world to justify a lovelessness within, then we are making a choice and our world will reflect that choice to us.

Fear is a self-fulfilling prophecy, but it is a choice. Good intentions pave the way to hell because they are a mask upon a hidden agenda. Know thy self and uncover an integrity in which to align with the life in all.

Attend to that which is really here to be attended to and stop worrying!

You'll make yourself sick in focussing on negatives as if to make a positive for yourself against it. The world your mind makes is not so! Unless you WANT it so and then you can make it real to you by giving it. What you give is what you get back, so what ARE we believing and reinforcing? Don't fall for the scam that says you can get one over your world or your brother. It always ends in tears.

One may program the mind with belief but that same one can change their mind. One can insist that one's genes or one's upbringing 'did it to you' but that is the choice to NOT have a choice.

EVERY one within the focus of a physical consciousness is going to release it in transition that we call death. But the experience of is rich with opportunity for expressing and sharing Life - even within such limitations.

The rigidities of mind are reflected in its world, as a brittle ageing stuckness of unresolvable layers of conflicted fear and guilt. And quite naturally this is sloughed off. Fixing attention on the externals and seeking to resolve there what is actually at cause level and not merely symptom is such a rigidity to be released. It is not death we fear, but renewal. The mind gets stuck in its own trap. Change can be gracefully allowed or one can kick and scream. We all choose, but one can choose not to know this, if it is too fearful. So what is called for in a crisis, is calm, because without at least a moment's calm, reaction simply replicates the program that hides both the problem AND the answer.

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