Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Power over Life? (Antibiotics are becoming ineffective)

This is one facet of a surge in our apparent capabilities which has fuelled a blind and overreaching arrogance, the pride that comes before the fall.

In computer games - which I met briefly when my kids were young - the character one plays through can uncover a temporary invulnerability - and hence passed unharmed through what otherwise would be hazardous. This so very easily resulted in the 'death' of one's character the instant the effect wore off!

Our scientific advances have in some measure enabled us to live in disregard of what Life truly is - to indulge our own vanities while unconscious of the actuality beneath our personal and cultural definitions.

In ignorance we feed back a sense of OUR power - or at least the power to use science to manually manage, as forceful manipulation upon everything about life that it can 'improve' to fit into its own current thinking of how life should be.

Science does not encompass or embody wisdom  - only risk assessment, and it is rarely used wisely by human beings who are largely confused within their own ego sense so as to be self and other destructive. Depleting our Commonwealth and unaware of the true nature of health and well-being.

In concert with the disappearing magic wand of antibiotics is the finitude of fossil fuel, the finitude of phosphates for agriculture and an enormous and increasing demand to mine and use up non renewable resources - which are part of the cost of everything and so are dividing the haves from the have nots even at the level of basic needs.

The scientific mind is a specialised tool and worthy of appropriate tasks - but it is not seeing a unified picture and it is not free of dependency on vested interests that express not only a desire to retain power but outpicture the mentality of a managed and controlled 'reality' rather than a truly communicated presence.

Why is the media drip drip dripping the poison of scare and fear and calamity - along with a flood of trivia and distraction? Surely there is a mood of fear inherent in the desire to control Life. It may not seem so for we present our masks of justification to ourselves and each other. But the only ones who don't know what is going on are those who are so seduced by their own theories that they actually believe them regardless of reality.

Scaremongering can work in timely ways to herd others where you want them to go, but a pervasive mood of fear and distrust is poisonous to our wellbeing.

Ultimately is will - and is - going to cause many to withdraw allegiance to so called authorities or news sources - or even their own conditioned thinking - and listen and feel in a fresh desire for a foundation from which to live  - not a managed existence - but a shared be-ing.

There is a hollowness that hides in 'good causes'. There is a great crusade in 'making sure xyz will never happen again', but it will, in one form or another, over and over again, until there is a fundamental waking of responsibility for what we think.

All cultures embody and express the ideas upon which they are founded. It isn't that we need more or better thinking - but that we need to put our thinking down and listen and observe in all humility and honesty to reconnect with Life - not in beliefs, symbols or theories - but Feel the Life.

When people cant Feel their own Life they are in the grip of reactive thinking. I write these things to the underpinnings of our human problems - but it is like trying to get the attention of people who are engaged in a fight. They just are not interested, while the fight is ON - unless of course you are offering super powers, magic pills and tactical advantage.

Life Heals. This is its INNATE movement. Human consciousness imposes itself upon Life as a distorting and interrupting filter. That is a conditioned action/reaction. When apparent power OVER Life is withdrawn or rendered useless there are two apparent options; acceptance or denial. Denial will seek magical protection by whatever means so as to maintain its private sense of 'separated power over', while acceptance releases the wish to 'Lord it' - and yields into a Felt Relationship with Life in which it extends and share the Life that is its own true Inheritance.

We cannot and do not by our own power exist, not a thought or any experience of anything can occur but that the gift of life is Presence-ing Itself right where you may think whatever you like and believe these thoughts your own.

I feel the failure and breakdown is an inherent part of uncovering what we do not want to know. What we greatly fear - and so try to 'discover' out in the world within a context of division and rule.

Death and disease are like terrorists. The more one wars on them the more there are and the more we become them.

A true culture of support first opens to the Feeling of Life and shares that in whatever practical ways are available - including the administering of drugs where these are serving the felt need of the situation and not the mere convenience or insulated unconsciousness of those who minister. Pain and conflict are ugly, hateful and hard to live with and come through.Where there is willingness to come through it calls for joining with. If we don't hold this in our culture, we become machines with a 'controlling avatar' front end.

I read today on another page of Facebook deletion phobia. Death is not what it seems to a mind engaged in its own thinking. There is Life beyond the social/personal ego sense. Now, now and always now. I have lost my own daughter and know directly the scouring of grief. But I also know what it is to truly be love - and let guilt and fear be released of its unconscious foundational role of guide and protector. A scratch can suddenly reveal the source of terror - but only if the surface is used to hide from Life. It is what we hide from that we are afraid - not what we face in light.

Thanks for your attention. What we do with our attention attests to what we value and give reality to. There is a great truth in that but only if we awaken to use it.

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This article arose in response to a Telegraph page: Is this antibiotic apocalypse?

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