Thursday, 7 March 2013

Shall we cull the humans, deer?

 An article on proposed deer culling brought a harvest of response to share with you this morning - initially from the many comments that suggest culling humans.

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The comments to this article are peppered with the new fashion in 'green' thinking - that humans are vermin. Humans are writing these comments but are writing comments rather than committing suicide. So it is 'other' humans who are vermin.

Perhaps the 'vermin' is actually a kind of thinking that humans host, rather than humanity itself. Thinking, is not unlike a sort of parasite. There are parasites that alter the minds of their hosts and get the host to behave according to the needs of the parasites. Perhaps, an opinionating warlike and self hating mentality will blossom in a mass cull? The suffering and destruction of which might not bring such a self-satisfied smugness to whoever survives. Mindless destructive urges are helped along by a disconnected desire to make a 'war' for sport and entertainment out of everything rather than desire and participate in uncovering truth.

The urge to control perception and 'make true' is a madness of humankind. But it only takes a little light to heal it. The urge to domesticate our experience attempts culling the elements that keep us awake, humble and respectful - in exchange for a managed, herded, and essentially passive life of consumption in a fenced off field or an artificial cell fed with an intent to keep us stupid and docile.

It is easy to be reactive. Just allow the mentality of the past to run without bringing into a light of discernment in true desire.

I enjoy meeting deer - there are two muntjac in view in the field opposite as I write. Diversity of life is healthy and a healthy mind will not set itself in rigid monocultured lifestyle.

Our world reflects our mind - or even dare I say it - the Mind of God's Son. The kind of thinking we identify with and embody - will reflect back to us as our experience and our world. The spirit of the deer is part of who we are, as is the spirit of the forest - and of all that lives. To act in consciousness of a greater Life than our own personal sense is to share in the wonder and nature of existence. But sentimentality is an undermining of true feeling and emotionalism acts out a projected sense of a false associations and identifications.

Take only as the need is met and give thanks for true fulfilment. Soul-less man will not be able to merely enact this as data, targets and boxes to tick. There is a living context in which we do science, in which we think, in which we truly feel. Without the unifying context of true feeling, man makes himself machine. Yet the delivery system to a true fulfilment, serves the Consciousness of being truly lived. This is not data that can be gathered or analysed - and hence does not exist to a mindset of control, rooted in a 'hidden' tyranny.

If the lack of natural check is from our own interference - which it is - then we are obliged to accept the effect on woodland as an extension of our interference. Our sense of our own 'lost' nature invites projection onto 'poor nature'. Heal yourself and uncover your true life - and then you wont try to 'solve' your sickness as if it was 'out there'.

The willingness to heal must start here - or we become mad worshippers of a false god. Innocence is uncoverable as our essential being. Participance in nature can help us remember. Our thinking does not!

And in response to MikeBoyes comment:

“In the absence of predators the only way to manage them is to shoot them...”
There are strong ecological arguments for the reintroduction of predators such as lynx and wolves.
A proper equilibrium between populations of predators and grazing animals like deer means that overgrazing is limited, and that diverse patterns of vegetation benefiting other species are encouraged, as grazing animals adjust their behaviour patterns to the threat of predation, rather than simply being able to eat everything they can reach, at their leisure.
Unfortunately, the reality seems to be that the instinctive aversion of the public to large carnivores, makes reintroduction of formerly native predators highly unlikely to occur on any significant scale.
Even if that was not an issue, there is simply no way the powerful farming lobby would allow it to happen, because of the threat to livestock.

You can be sure that such an risk-averse mentality is not left untapped as predatory opportunity. Man predates upon his own kind in seeking power - and nothing is quite so dangerous as a template safety of simply believing or assuming one is safe - because it renders us unconscious, on auto pilot in conditioned realities of extended dependencies! However, a true intelligence cant be suppressed by any kind of lobby indefinitely, because ultimately unintelligence doesn't work. When everything falls apart, the power structures associated with the problem lose allegiance. I'm not using the word intelligence here as usually meant. I don't mean cleverness or ingenuity - but an honest wholeness of approach. That which is denied or excluded always comes back to make trouble - as old folk tales can remind us. The study of the mind could have served a transformation of society rather than its manipulation. When it comes to it we vote for fearful attempt to control - or a willingness to open to, align with and accept, truth as it reveals itself. The attempt to manipulate always backfires - whether for a seemingly solid 'worthy goal' or not. So we have to be or embody the change we desire if we are to speak of it with any authority. For congruency of being has a power that cleverness cannot mimic - even if the latter can induce a short term yield. (Yes I know I spread out a bit from your point - so not addresses to you specifically - but into the larger issue of which these others are part)

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