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Beauty and the Beast?

Beautiful people are attractive even when disgusted

Beautiful people are seen as good looking even if they distort their faces into grimaces of disgust, surprise, fear or anger, according to new research. (Telegraph article)

These scientists are rather daft whether they are attractive or not! (tongue in cheek).
Statistical norms - have you ever met one? (Lots of wannabe's though).
Social conditioning can set up all sorts of socially approved or socially compatible criteria of attractive and unattractive. And at the surface level (in which scientists often seem to live) - these things hold true - as does a lot of current theory. But at the Soul level, there is an entirely different criteria and one which doesn't yield to being objectified, quantified and wrapped up in theory.
Shared purpose is another name for one-mindedness. But separate purposes that share only at the surface level are split-mindedness.
This latter 'meets' in order to get - that is - it doesn't know real relationship at all - for something is always held back and something is always gotten from the other that serves to validate the self.
This is not as 'out of sight' or unconscious as social mores would have us believe and could roughly equate to the selfish gene idea.
A selfishness that seeks to establish its own genesis and seed itself.
Though there is a level at which this 'works' as a balancing interplay of competing forces, it is hardly more than a conditioned program of identifying with a sense of self in a hostile environment. The world seems to provide perfect proof of this excepting that this self is a virtual construct and so is the mapping or interpreted experience we call the world.
How could anyone possibly believe THIS! Well, let that sense be a proof of the power of belief to identify and react to information as true without a direct self enquiry - and I don't mean consulting one's database.
Anyway, I digress. The qualities of Soul - I could say Life, God, Spirit - (but none of them relate to anything within the framework that expresses self-definition), are Attractive to the Soul. The notion of Soul-mate is a rather personalized sense of such an attraction - but it isn't really a personal matter but a transpersonal or transcendence of what we usually trade with as 'self'.
True beauty is of the Soul and 'glamour' might be used for what is essentially fantasy that fulfils the dream subject to our moments of power to enact it. People are generally preoccupied with fantasy and a glance at Facebook shows that this identity can extend like chinese dolls into more and more dissociated levels. Why would one assume our self/world to be the Primary or Ultimate Reality?
The virtual self is a mask with which we access fantasy experience upon something real, and one can play out whatever personalities can be made up, copied, imbibed or carried in past baggage. These are an attempt to set rules and maintain a continuity - and a highly complex but largely tacit conspiracy of self interest makes the current experience of ourselves and the world.
Yes I've rambled off the point.
Guilt is a crippling sense of self and is both a means of manipulating our perception - and the behaviour of others. When anyone is disgusted with you - and extends loathing and utter derision - and you have ANY target where that hits home and activates guilt - then they are NOT attractive.
Now Jesus - whether historical or not - embodies the capacity to see what is ALWAYS ATTRACTIVE in everyone. That is not so far from us as we like to think - and we do like to think all the time, so as not to let anything disturb, undermine or violate a private sense of self.
This indiscriminate defence, is a blindness to and fragmentation of our Soul, which yet knows itself in all its parts whole because it is the direct Expression of the Individuality of God. Not a god out there or in here or in thinking - but the 'Boson' by which all particulate boson/fields express existence.
There is a mental split between the impulse and the control - and yet the impulse is a distorted expression of something true, arising from a deeper level of control.
We all know that the carrot and the stick keep the donkey under control and for carrot, read 'attractive'. But there is a qualitative difference in an allure and a truly lovely presence - whether that presence be Brian Cox or Steven Hawking.

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Second comment to the following:

  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - all this generalisation about so-called "good looking" people is ridiculous.  But I suppose it is a means of selling celebrity magazines to the credulous in poverty stricken times.
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    I disagree. There are certain types looking at which the overwhelming majority of people would agree that they are beautiful. Beauty can acutally be quantified and there has been plenty of research on this. Distance between jaws, eyes, proportionality of face etc. Most people would agree that, for example, Monica Belucci, Natalie Portman, Nicole Kidman, Ben Affleck, Jared Leto or Tom Ford are beautiful.
    On the other hand, Sofia Loren or Kate Moss are not beautiful in a pure sense of the word but they are different and they stand out.

The experience of beauty is in the eye (mind) of beholding - but the definitions of beauty are indeed in the database of past conditioning.

If you look beneath the 'face' there are these creaturely aspects of mortal combat (death wins). Face is perhaps our first 'language' in the world. (We brought touch with us as innate sense).

Most people? Look at other cultures and look at the art and even the old photos to see it is a cultural expression.
Faces are learned. Faces are masked - unless open.
Face recognition is now standard in digi cameras. One can see that with more processing power and corresponding software  attractive faces could be identified and selected over unattractive faces. And with advances in biotech - we'll be able to have ours rendered attractive - according to the mutating social mores of the day.

Beauty transcends form but a poverty of Spirit grabs at the form and tries to recreate the experience - hence the database of past conditioning...

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