Thursday, 7 June 2012

Worshipping (and getting lost in) image

The practice of using others (and Life), for one's private fantasy purposes is ubiquitous in every aspect of life and generally is socially invisible. It is a part of human consciousness that judges and plays out privately held meaning upon others, and the world, either in a mutual trade, or by coercion of a manipulative intent.

To give priority to fantasy over truth, is to disregard truth and to be out of true. This is the same as disregarding the heart in which a real relationship or communication extends the true or innate qualities of being into life. It is always a dissonant experience and any relief is alsways momentary. It is not at peace in itself except when emptied of desire - but desire is an expression of being alive, though the desire of addiction is to suppress or escape the conflicted meaninglessness of a life out of true, in thought and action.

To gain the world is to lose our Soul. This is simply self evident but not while the empty promise of the world is given priority. Stimulation is an attempted substitute for life that hollows out and reduces life to surface forms. This can be readily observed. The seeming freedom and hit of getting private satisfaction - even amidst consenting trade or contract is simply feeding an addictive nature that puts fulfillment in externals instead of abiding in a wholeness that gives itself wholly in love. In love we are undefended to our own being and so our being communicates itself wholly and without coercion. Love contains within itself the guidance to freely release what is not real and embrace the moment wholly. No image can be made of love and no rules can be made for love. This is what we forget.

Moralizing is a kind of attempt to control - and is also a fantasy practice in attempt to control with guilt. Guilt always undermines and blocks any true expression of life - but the insidious nature of hidden guilt means that it maintains a fantasy of freedom from guilt within the illusion of a private self will. This 'hidden' will is an act by which we seem to live separate and special - whether seeming to prevail or to be acted upon. The attempt to act this out without guilt is simply the fuelling of the fire. Guitlessness is not self-wilful, but is of an innocence of being. In all things we can learn to discern where we are coming from and so can see the nature of private thinking or fantasy at work in our own experience and evaluate its fruit. Until we see it, it runs as a mechanical identification with forms - and a dream of a life is allowed to usurp a true love.

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