Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The teaching of death by power

Teach only what you want to learn. Give only what you want to receive. For the nature of 'what goes forth and multiplies' is the thought - (and the deeds that express that thought) - that you accept as real for you. This does not make real, but does establish rules for what you allow into your mind as real - at least until you change your mind about your mind.

"Taking out" the enemy is an ancient archetypal script and embodies the denial of the possibility of communication. When both 'sides' of an apparent confilct see the 'enemy' as the 'other', they feel fully justified in their attack on and denial of, life - AND believe that they are allaying or limiting the power of death that their 'enemy' represents.

That 'death' may be literal in terms of physical assault - but is really a fear of loss of power. The apparent power to make and control reality ALWAYS brings fear (of loss) and guilt (of hidden and shameful deception - along with expectation of payback or vengeance.

While there are aspects to the surface event to be addressed, I feel always to feel for the deeper significances and so I offer this post to pause from reactivity or any kind of self righteous position, and  consider opening the mind to a state of true communication, in which fear and guilt feelings are no longer alowed to be the triggers in the manipulation of our mind.

When justice is not seen to be done, just acts may be seen as unjust, while amidst the mesmeric allegiances triggerred by fear and guilt unjust - or evil acts - and their source intent - may be applauded and treasured in our hearts and homes.
Who is here to judge his brother? A moment of power over another by billion dollar tech or suicide mission? Or a process of true communication that is vigilant for the sanity of truth and against the false allure of a manipulative intent - and then on behalf of the health and sanity of all, including the 'judged'?

It doesn't matter ultimately what others seem to choose, for through our own choice will we see clearly or not at all. The capacity to see is not the legitimacy of judgement or power over another - but is the direct experience of discernment in a capacity to communicate and navigate the WHOLE situation, as an expression of a wholeness of mind. It is true that in this we give up our self-specialness and all the sacrifices offered to its altar.

Our experience of the world becomes a step by step guidance in releasing a madness of mind that we no longer hold dear or give allegiance to. Until then we clutch a divisive and conflicting falsehood, that cuckolds our true joy in life. None of what I say is really news. When enough loved ones or loved ways of sharing life are 'taken out' in the name of security, the foundations of such thinking will be realised to be utterly false. And then the mind of fear will insinuate itself in a new and rebranded mode of 'protection' to make sure it will never happen again. And so the notion of fear and control is accepted as if implicitly true and all evidences are collected or fabricated to support it and none other are allowed.

Divide and rule is applied at the level of one's own mind - as one's own wish. No matter how terrible the effects are of such a split, the truth remains true. To look for truth is to presume it lost. To determine or define it is to presume it yours to make. Truth is not 'taken out' by a lie - but the lie's persistence operates as a distraction device.

A game played very seriously works as a game to get identified within, but there is always the option of simply walking out of a bad movie. I don't mean self destructively, but a shift of allegiance from thought to the heart of true discernment.
Thank you for your attention.

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