Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Vampires found with iron rods through their hearts in Bulgaria

Belief in magic (remedy or spell) counters a fear of evil coming home. Burying the dead is also an internal matter, where forgiveness allows a selective memory to allow the memory of those we know to rest in our hearts. But unforgiveness leads to being haunted by the past.

Different cultures have different forms to their fears - but a true forgiveness releases the seed of fear and doesn't rely or appeal to magical beliefs and rituals (which confirm the fear as real in the mind of the practitioner).

Evil coming home to roost is an archetypal motif in human consciousness. Scapegoating is the essential 'magic' to cast out and kill the sins of our own mind without ever realizing they are and remain - where they originate.

The notion of the living dead is fleshed out in the vampire story, but just look around - and maybe in the mirror. There is much that passes as protective thinking that sucks the joy out of our lives.

To root it out and dissolve it in sunlight is possible - but the nature of fear will always tend to push it down and away until one is no longer able to pretend that this actually works.

The current fashion for the vampire genre in stories and films seems to appeal to that part of the mind that wants to feel legitimate in nullifying or killing  - as well as encoding a sense of secret special identity for teens amidst 'normal people'. (Not that I have watched or studied these in any depth).

Consumer society is not quite the same as being blood-milked and mutated in nature - but it has a lot in common!  (and also sucks the culture and resources out from our commonwealth and future generations for the suck of unquenchable surface appetites).

I always question the scapegoat - and look closer to home. If we didn't all subscribe to a vampiristic mentality (albeit hidden behind Darwinian or other theological justifications), those possessed by Corporate Power run amok would not find such a willing host.

Meet in a shared sense of value and not as hungry ghosts and even our economy would bloom. (though not while predicated on a scam).

Not a very funny post - but fangs for reading ;-)

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