Friday, 8 June 2012

Girls as young as five 'forced into marriage'

The article (linked above) to which I commented (as below) is a blatant propaganda piece of titilation. When it suits, use those bits of truth or present those bits of truth in such a way as to support an agenda that has no basis in truth - that is - it is without integrity. The fears that fuel it are of a confusion that can be healed, if there is a willingness to release confusion as a way of hiding from truth.

Arranged marriage has been part of human culture for millennia. In traditional cultures we are a member and an expression of our clan and our tribe or culture and are not simply floating around in pick and mix egocentricity of surface desires. Along with cultural blindnesses or outmoded baggage is a wisdom and a way of being that held a culture not only of survival, but of a truly shared Life. This we (in a generalized sense of human society) have forgotten.

The globalisation of mass culture of a passive consumerism in which surface desires are stimulated and fed so as to dope the many into a compliance to the will of the very few, systematically undermines traditional culture - whether that is English or Hindu. It is a blind market that uses your desires to manipulate you.

The use of coercive force upon the will of another is illegitimate. We scream at it when it shows up to our blinkered vision and yet suffer to participate as victim and victimizer in all kinds of ways that are simply invisible or accepted.

A coercive will and a reactive will is part of a dance. To simply hate or fight against a perceived injustice doesn't address its true cause. The law can contain a means of protection and order against the excesses of behaviour but it itself is no substitute for a process of real communication.

In any cultural conflict of crisis is a deeper process of being exposed in our own cultural shortcomings - in other words we need to reconnect with the truth of the values that guide and inform our perception and our actions - and not merely be manipulated by a lip service that only allows truth in exceptions that suit us!

The nature of individual will is a great mystery - not that it cannot be experienced as an aspect of an Intimacy of Being - but that it does not yield to a coercive or controlling intent - but will present a defence or mask of adaption.

Be sure that all of us - of whatever age or culture, are clearly in the sights of that which would enforce its will as a means of exerting and maintaining power, and that the stirring up of emotional reaction is a way of distraction and deception.

Of course I pray that we find a better way than the use of force to share life on this planet - whether such force is expressed in crude or subtle scenarios of wilful ignorance.

Wilfulness is always ignorant - regardless of what the voices of one's own thinking may say. When we see that it is blind and cannot know love or life, we are awake enough to begin to find a better, living, way.

Marriage is the symbol of Unified will - and the source of such union is neither the ritual of the past, nor of the marketplace identity of mutual contract.

Beneath the mask is a desire both to hide - and a desire to be truly known. We all of us force ourselves to conform to fear in the former, and grow trust in releasing fear in the latter. There are no rules we can just make to substitute for 'feeling our way'. Listening and speaking in the heart is a guideline, but even so, it really is up to you and not the 'parent' forces.

To step outside the society that we have identified in is no small thing. But if one's integrity is being undermined, and communication is denied, then do not persist in allegiance, excepting to persist in the form as one's heart guides in taking steps OF integrity.
Wholeness of being is our gift to each other, to our world. But when we seek it from outside, we become trapped in loveless relation and in need of healing and renewal.

Love … an Innocent intimacy … is our essential Nature. It can be covered over by a world of conflicting desire, adulterated with wishful illusion and fearful attempts to control. We are all in this together - whether it feels like a forced marriage or not!

Here's to an awakening of the underlying truth that (step by step) heals - and the disregard of the machinations of hate and blame and judgement that merely conceal.

Thank you for your attention

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