Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Norway's dignity in the aftermath of Breivik

To look at the capacity of the human mind to delude itself with assertions, identifications, beliefs and justifications, could be a real opportunity for us all.

Our usual 'defence' is to vilify that in others which we hate and exclude from ourselves - and so we do not allow ourselves to see the way our own minds work and nor do we become free of the patterns of identification with thoughts, beliefs and stories that make our own life denying habitual mindsets.

A lot of life denying habit is socially normalized and doesn't attract interest or attention. But it still exacts its cost.

Breivik's acts are shocking in that he acted out fantasies that are not altogether uncommon in the opinionated and alienated, who are fearfully attracted to hate as a way of joining against what they fear.

Life denying habits of mind result in actions proceeding from that mind. If enough people start to feel mutually justified in their delusional projections, they become an atmosphere from which a 'hero' or leader will arise.

The mind of hateful opinion is an energetic that does not care what side it is on or what issues it transmits itself through. It uses any host that subscribes to it and hollows it out and sets it against itself and its fellows.

To look at such within ourselves and not subscribe to its agenda, is to free our minds of fear, and to regain a natural capacity for timely and proportionate relationship and action.

That is, to be restored to a sanity that we did not realize we had lost, because we were so sure that we already knew what was real, that we didn't  really check in and find out. (Delusion).

I commend the Norwegian's willingness to defend their culture by living its demonstration.

The restatement and renewal of cultural values via their tangible demonstration is the true protection against the mentality that would use the mere lip service to our values to serve their own private personal or corporate agendas.

Cultural Renewal is an expression of a fresh connectedness with the source of ideas and values that tangibly reflect or express our true nature in ways that fit our times. This is more than maintaining order; it is uncovering and sharing the basis from which order is freely embraced, rather than merely imposed upon.

When Breivik wakes up to his mistake, he will hate himself - or rather, his self hatred will surface as a core component of what he believes he is. If he then repents of loving to hate, he will suddenly find a fresh basis and purpose present in place of a terrorized mind, set to face always away from its own fear in acting out a masked fantasy self.

For now, he offers a demonstration of the nature of delusion in tragic consequence.

Evil is not the lie - but the commitment to the lie at the expense of truth. Be conscious as to what you invest in, by discerning in the heart. Without the heart, ideas run wild and recreate themselves in their own image.

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