Thursday, 19 April 2012

Children grow up addicted to online porn sites

There are degrees of porn - but the net is rampant with hard porn. It has gross aspects - and also absurd meaningless aspects. An emptying ritual. Somewhere in consciousness is an echo of paradise in sexual delight - and yet a sense of paradise lost or denied can lead to addictive attempts to cover over pain of lovelessness, of loneliness.

There is a curiosity in things that are taboo, but this can lead to look again, and again - if you have nothing better to do.

Use of bodies and images of bodies to enact private fantasies is not thought to be hazardous and saturates society on many levels, and is encouraged and even considered healthy in some contexts.

But those who discern its hazard are those who are in a truly loving relationship, because love overlooks form, and yet shares paradise.

The mind that disallows or denies love from its own awareness is sick, but does not know it is sick. It tends to protect its sickness. Yet we do know - but our mind binds and blinds us.

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