Saturday, 10 March 2012

Bankers pay themselves millions - over and over again. What's going on?

What is the basis of this movement of transfer of great wealth? From what does it come?
Silly money is the inflation of money based on money based on money - where reselling financial 'instruments' makes a sort of ponzi scheme that is fed with and supported by .... the actual transfer of real wealth from poor to rich - and of the turning of assets - both cultural and material - into short term cash - for the purpose of private gain and control.
Rather than vilifying persons who are possessed by such a mentality, I invite taking some time to look at the mind of private gain and control in our own life.
What has writ itself large on the stage of the world is a nature that is unnatural to our truth whose cost is the eclipse or FORGETTING of our truth and seems to deliver us a world (of conflict) at cost of our Soul - which IS the Presence of tangible Life and therefore the root context of all true wealth.
The mind of clever thinking isn't limited to global corporate financial control.

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