Saturday, 10 March 2012

Financial madness : The scale of ramping up risky lending was simply staggering

For all that the consequences are global, the underlying issues are nothing new. The mind spins off on its own in a disconnected bubble of its own in a mutually validated delusion. It grasps at the false promise of a special self-validation and control, only to wake up to the horror of its own error and uncover a deep and true need to reconnect with a True Sanity; of a mind in service to the Heart.
Love has been 'made in man's image' for the purposes of control - but that is not and has never been love.
Love's qualities are the inherent structure and Meaning of our existence.
Deception is the means by which we seem to spin off in our own bubble and use all things awry. But deception can be unmasked by those unwilling to subscribe to its demands.
I feel that the unmasking of a loveless meaninglessness is a difficult but honest acceptance - in which a clearer view of the next step can arise.
Man made systems will never substitute for the Living Presence of true discernment. Toxic debt is like blame. Just expose it and accept it is nothing - or it will continue to poison and undermine all trust and real communication.

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