Monday, 2 July 2012

Libor scandal: How I manipulated the bank borrowing rate

In a culture of win win opportunism, no one looks for - or cares about this sort of thing - and blowing whistles is like pissing in the wind. Almost everyone with a financial stake was participating in a culture of callous irresponsibility; spending the future.

Now there is a shift to escape a true accounting, by becoming suddenly righteous and seeking out scapegoats upon which we can displace what is ultimately our own uncorrected mind.

This is an ancient magical ritual that perpetuates a fearful and dishonest basis of identity and thought. It seems that some parts are sacrificed for the whole to move on - but in fact it is truth that is sacrificed so that self-illusion can play on.

The good news about awful self discovery is that one is no longer needing to run and hide from it. There is more good news to come - but it grows from setting forth from a different basis than the mask of deception.

This doesn't mean that there is isn't a need to bring institutions into alignment with the real needs of those for which they are to serve - but that the way of it can either be a whitewashed superficial makeover or a true change of heart and mind.

I agree with Mervyn King, that we need a culture change - but that the root of such a change is not found in rapping the knuckles and a telling off. Cultural renewal isn't about fixing up a corrupted system - but of discerning and embodying a true sense of value in all that we think and do.

Our relationships have become - 'whatever we want' or present them to be - excepting they are not real on such a basis - because they do not first honour the basis by which relationship MEANS something. Integrity and trust are necessary for communication to truly occur. Without them, all is war. This may seem to be justified by Darwinian interpretations, but a house divided does not stand.

The Babel of the modern mind is falling down even as I write - for it thinks to make itself in its own image - and believes it!

Instead of setting ourselves up to determine (or manipulate) truth-  we would be better served if we let ourselves share in truth. This is indeed a culture shift for it calls on a conscious relationship rather than a codified set of regulatory controls that effectively allow the mind to fall into an unconsciousness in which it is easily manipulated by thoughts that would be thrown out in the light of a shared and conscious reason.

Thank you for your attention.

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