Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The Bank of England told us to do it!

(To aiyannis)
Barclays was not bailed out by the taxpayer - but by the Arabs. I'm sure if you search a little you will find it was no small sum and no less of a bail out than HSBC.

While international corporate finance has operational bases in our country, these 'businesses' are not really 'British' any more than Man U is Mancunian.

(General reflections)

Whenever and wherever the mob is whipped up into an emotional frenzy, there are likely to be hidden agendas at work - either in setting it up or in taking opportunistic advantage while such force of feeling is focussed.

The differentiation between government and financial corporate interest has become a facade. If with your left hand you gamble and connive to deceive and with your right you righteously protect the 'system' by relieving the banks of any real responsibility, then there becomes a direct parasitical leeching of the wealth of the many, via the 'untouchable' privileged few.

In some energetic sense, this affair LOOKS like some sort of sting of accountability is to be demanded and effected - and MAY prove to be PART of a shift in culture.

But my sense beneath it all is of a collective guilt being scapegoated on whoever can be found to dump it on. My sense is that as long as guilt is seen as a kind of toxic debt to hide in complex deceptions and trade in, will we suffer a dysfunctional and unreal society.

When we can acknowledge the nature of guilt as a simple desire to get for ourselves at expense of others in thought and actions that undermine and dishonour ourselves and the wholeness of which we are part, then we can realign our thought (and consequent acts) with our true and shared interest.

The 'culture' of modern mind is so self-separately identified, that it believes selfish 'getting' to be the true basis of life. The shift of culture to a true accounting must see a shared value in exchange.

An economy based on dishonouring others - and indeed our commonwealth of cultural and material resources that is our inheritance and our gift to pass on through the generations - is inherently dissonant and will foul its nest.

To find a true basis from which to align - while using commonsense in the transition - must effectively be a shift from the getting mind to the giving and receiving mind.

What we tend to see is a 'moral' card being used as part of a war. Truth when it suits us - and only focussing on the facets of those issues that suit us.

The mentality of the lie is so pervasive, that there is no one here who is 'without sin' to throw the first stone (though there is usually a rush of self righteous hate to do so).

The communication that comes from those who own their own mind - and yet choose to serve the wholeness of the situation rather than pursue a narrow self interest, is an opportunity to see from beyond the foundation that guilt and fear establishes as tyrannous necessity.

Thanks for your attention.

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