Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Collapse of the breath of Life

Lung Cancer among non smokers...

Posted to comments of above linked article:

Whilst radioactive particles are definitely in a range of their own once taken INTO the body - I note that a fairly recent study of Hiroshima/Nagasaki survivors compared to a control group showed about a year or less difference in life expectancy as a result of their exposure. This suggests either that something in their living offset the toxic effects or that in fact these events were NOT what the official narrative imprinted on the world's consciousness. (Firebombing of Japanese towns was 'normal'.

While it may be true - I am wary of ANY narrative device seeking to instil or reinforce terror and guilt upon consciousness. Whether it uses human sacrifice or dress rehearsals. For this I hold to be the undermining of Consciousness from within - by division that opts for the 'lesser of evils' and is thus guided to give its life-power away to denial-agenda.

I would say it is the reason why no cure for cancer can be allowed to be acknowledged and shared publicly. The mind-capture/revenue stream is 'Too big to fail'.

It could be reasonably hypothesized that an agenda to exterminate or severely degrade Life on Earth /Consciousness of true being operates by false-flagging deceits of a Faustian nature such that by the time the full extent reveals itself - it is game over.

Awakening to such agenda as part of our own 'mind-framing' is the responsibility for releasing what does not belong. But the ruse to attack or 'wake' others keeps most of us too busy to take the full course and sweep out the Template - though my preferred symbol for this is more like Heracles/Hercules cleaning of the Augean stables - ie opening the way for a natural flow to clear the crap.

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