Wednesday, 16 August 2017

The Battle of Charlottesville?

The Battle of Charlottesville?

I posted into comments under the above linked article:

Fascism is become useless currency as a label in general parlance as a hate term - or something 'good' people have to condemn and refuse to communicate with.
Likewise racism as a label for evil - when it is fear and self-doubt that project forth in offensive hate or defensive denial.
The underlying issue that 'fascism' might refer to - in my opinion - is of corporate cartel power projecting through a political front that uses manipulative deceits to nurture, subvert and co-opt the emotional issues of the day or cultural moment while cowing or suppressing or infiltrating and using any 'resistance' or opposition.
Basically the use of fear of 'evil' (justified hate or jihad) - operates shadow power of deceit in the minds of all who want it - for what they believe they get from it - or get away from as a result of allegiance within its framing.
Its framing is guilt, fear and division - and calls forth punishment, denial and sacrifice of joy in being. It is the seduction under the guise and guile of a sense of personal power over life, self, other and world. And within its 'framing' there is no other life or world - and power is the nature of struggle between enemies who may find temporary shifting alliances. In the belief the world is 'My Struggle' there is only the subordination of everything and everyone to 'power's dictate'.

Power through combination operates a corporate collective that becomes a consolidation of power in ever fewer 'hands'. Under ever more starkly loveless and lifeless conditions - for its world is the managing and processing people under 'incentives' of the carrot and stick.  Devoid of living will. Enslaved to terror. Believing what it is programmed to think it thinks - while set against the 'evils' of its day.

I haven't more than peripherally noted Charlottesville as an ongoing 'battle' for narrative control.
Some hate openly and feel better about themselves. Other mask their hate in guile and feel better about themselves. I hold that what we hate in others we hate in ourself - in principle if not in the self-same form.

Hate and its underlying fears, and the even deeper underlying conflict and pain that seeks blind escape in dissociation and denial - all operate a network of entanglement as beliefs and identity in defence that is constantly being triggered by its own shadow projections and constantly being managed or processed by the reaction of suppression and coercion operating as protection. As mind-control. As the demand for unconsciousness and masking alignment within terror that can never be recognized and released - because it is always 'outsourced' to the other whose sacrifice is required - for dissociative illusion is maintained by giving allegiance and priority to false over true - as if defending truth.

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