Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Comet comment

Large Comets are more common than previously thought

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Large Thoughts more common than comets - but little minds cannot tune into them.
Please DO adjust your set!

Regardless the 'truth' - notice when it becomes a part of the 'narrative weaving' of media focus. Fear funds the military industrial complex. It may seem that blowing up comets may be better than humans - but the kind of weaponry that develops can easily bring a re-enactment of the Atlantean fate.

But also note that 'Mankind in amnesia' is the result of buried terror - and yet is amygdala capture conducive to reality testing - or a looping re-enactment of feared outcomes covered over with assertive fantasies of power and protection?

"For no one walks the world in armature but has terror stalking at his heart".

The 'more than previously thought' line is very common and illuminates that whatever is 'thought to be so' is revised, rejected, turned on its head or forgotten. Do we 'think' the world in terms of what we WANT to believe? Or do we mask our thinking so as to seem to want something desirable and true while actually wanting to manipulate thoughts of others - and reality outcomes to a private advantage?

Quote of the Day: There are people whose job it is to just be sweet, loving and caring and it is the job of warriors to look after them. It's that simple. - Laura Knight-Jadczyk

There are people who war to control the means to tell other people what their job is and there are people who live the true of their own calling - regardless what anyone else says or does. If this resonates for you - it is already part of you or you would not recognize it.

War is the realm where truth has 'died' as its first casualty and so truth is the realm in which war is translated back into terms of correctable error from deceit and terror that make perpetual war in place of unified purpose. It remains a Choice - but under fear-believed guilt there is no choice but as fear frames in symptom management while raising the 'War On ' as its renewal of mythic identity.

Standing in integrity may look like war - but is not succumbed to vengeance upon the hated and feared while claiming the banner of the holy crusade. If you have a job - it is to be yourself. If you run off with a baited phishing identity ruse - nothing has changed; it remains your responsibility to align in the true as you are able and willing to receive it.

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