Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Identity in labels

Carter urges restraint: N Korea

Illusionoffreedom said:
There are liberals, then there are the insane, mind-controlled liberals. The kind we see at SJW protests. I wonder how many of them we really got..?

I don't believe that any labels exist outside of the mind(s) that want to believe in them. Some want to be subsumed to an 'identity' and others take theirs by being against or oppositional to something that they associate with hate.
What is here to meet without all the labels but a unique situation calling for presence now - and another unique situation calling for presence now - and this presence being our primary responsibility - lost or covered over by the shames and blames of attempt to hide them in others.

But within what the label 'liberal' points to may be a variety of ideas, ideals or idiocies - depending very much on the definitions and core beliefs of the interpreter/judge.

Who is not mind-controlled is awake as presence in which the mind can be watched and who has no calling to demonize others so much as extend the call to joy - because those who are subsumed in hate agenda are yet the innate capacity to behold a unified appreciation in place of denied and outsourced conflict and pain.

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