Wednesday, 16 August 2017


Power is who gets to define reality - and who gets to accept it. (I read that recently from Dorothy Rowe - is it not true?)

Power is therefore given to definitions and beliefs in exchange for what we (believe) we get back. Narrative continuity is such a core sense of self - that perhaps few realize it operates all the time as the maintainer of subjective persistence in time over and against a world of objects and others.

In pure presence terms you get to experience reality in terms of the definitions and core beliefs you currently are accepting true for you. The law - as you sow so shall you reap applies within Consciousness - such that reaping conflict is a faithful feedback to conflicting self-definition - which as an infant or child had to be adapted within but as an awakening being becomes the basis for curiosity and enquiry as to what definitions are active to bring such a result.

It is not the framing of conflicts that is valid feedback - but the acceptance of a fear or dominance narrative in place of a genuine relationship that indicates the loss of true relations to

In human identification in personality terms we are all in some sense operating under terror - for the masking off - along with masking as - is a dissociation of evasion of hated and feared experience so as never to relive it. This takes different forms but is the core separation trauma of abandonment, rejection, betrayal, pain and loss, rage and powerlessness, dissociation and investment in the masking persona as psychic-emotional survival.

If others are perceived in this or that light or lack of light - I ask what lens are you using to see through? What sets of judgements are held unquestioningly as 'true' that bring back the reports that 'prove' you right?

What narrative beliefs and agreements do we then 'share' and strengthen in the currency of thought that shapes the 'collective' reality - allowing for that 'official reality' gets given a masking conformity so as to persist in the 'freedoms' still available within the masked sense of self and life.

It may be true to say that reality is not at all as our models assert and that periodic renewals operate to refresh or realign the willingness to live from wholeness that is denied and suppressed by the mask - which is both a personal AND a collective vehicle for the experiencing of life in the 'physical' - allowing that the experiencing is always a consciousness of beholding - regardless what is beheld and how it is defined.

The lock-down of consciousness as a result of trauma runs as if real - in place of re-opening to arenas of mapped out past fears. But denial breeds reflections that deny and the entanglement of personality fragments reaches to a state of paralysis over negativity reinforced by all the force of will brought to deny it. But it is not true will so much as the perversion or distortion of true desire under false self-definition... running as if true.

Painted into a corner has no where 'else' to go - its the end of time at least for the time being - and yet the loss of ability to conceive a shared future prisms to the 'reality' of your acceptance. That is to say, there may be a choice to dissociate ever more deeply at cost of residual consciousness - such as may yet stir within its alignment to check it is indeed on the right bus.

We perceive everything in terms of our past and a past made in anger went forth and multiplied at cost of a true appreciation of presence. But presence is not a concept, or a fleeting moment betwixt a past and a future like itself - but the very power upon which the denial of 'oppositional consciousness' seems to exist.

We are in some sense rationalizing minds running on the blocking and masking of intuitive being. But we are not 'rational beings' so much as under the guidance and protection of self-justifying rationalisations in place of an extending and embracing presence.

Beneath the mask is shadow power or fear and guilt operating a masked agenda - made of every kind of self-illusion. The game is on and the stakes are high which affords maximal immersive reality experience - of exploration within its idea. For without idea of self invested definition is no experience.

If the game is no longer worth the candle then allegiance to its precepts weakens and its disintegration opens the reintegration to who you now recognize and accept yourself to be. But expecting or guilting others to come out from their defences so as to fit anyone else's idea of harmony is still the idea of coercion and manipulative deceit trying on some new clothes.

I can only 'reach' a like willingness - in whatever moment or degree - and the nature of what I share is the 'wavelength' or frequency of communication. Fear agenda seems more impactful because that is where many are already attuned to listen for their identity. But is 'impact' what is really desired or is it coming back into a true focus of aligned Consciousness - that meets its own 'reflections' of communication and synchronicity as does the focus in what you say you DO NOT want - but persist in giving energy to while playing out roles of control, defence and protection.

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