Tuesday, 7 June 2016

What if we are the 'bad guys'?

What If We Are The ‘Bad Guys?’
Irwin Ozborne, Contributor
Waking Times

The above article is specific to the USA and by extension to its allies - but my comment is applicable to the core patterning of identity that is implicitly conveyed in the header.

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Look at the identities you accept - or project to others as part of your own.
Framing identity in terms of good and bad is a 'war on Self' for what and who you are is not decided or determined by your narrative of identification - but of course this is who you have come to believe yourself to be as a result of denying what you hate or fear within yourself and of defending and asserting what you present as if it is the whole or true of you.

A unipolar identity is not really open to relationship because it is only open to what agrees with it or extends what it already believes.

The globalism of a unipolar consciousness operates not only denial of the freewilling life of others - but its own - because it is locked into 'my way or no way' in the power struggle to come out on top. There is never a time when acquired or asserted power is enough - because any imaginable scenario of threat magnifies out of any possible disagreement or difference. Any communication is 'interpreted as power play'. Communication becomes impossible.

The insanity of this identification has to be recognized in order to be released in our own mind. It takes one to know one and power-envy along with vengeance is pervasive in the hatred of feeling powerless under others - but power itself is rarely self-revealing in its own terms, seeking to hide within presentations and narratives of acceptability and justification - indeed in self righteousness. This is not a mind-set of whoever happens to be embodying it. It is a pervasive mentality that operates as the core self belief and identity of the human condition-ing thus far un-healed.

A multi polar identity fundamentally accepts reality as a living communication in which identity arises as a gift of a shared purpose - for the dance within and between the polarities has a balance point in which one is true to oneself and through which can be truly in relation rather than seeking to resolve or work out internal contradictions in external terms.

The 'good cop/bad cop' device is the terrorizing influence of rage, hate and lovelessness, switching to a presentation of kindness and sympathy by which to 'escape' or hold at bay the now hidden terror - which is embedded in such a pact to be called on if overstepping fear's dictate.

The experience of lovelessness in rage and hate is indeed hateful and greatly disturbing - so much that we do our utmost to eradicate, escape and excommunicate it from ourself in the fear and hatred and distrust of the Other... and we become ourselves a loveless, hateful agency of what we deny on surface - excepting when 'justifiably provoked'.

The true Nature of Consciousness is reap and sow - or indeed give and receive. What you put in is what you get out. In giving hate or lovelessness of indifference to the experience of unrecognized parts of our Self, we set up a comeback in which we do not recognize our part in. I am not saying we are now to blame for the evils of the world including our own sense of being violated - but that it is within the range of our innate capacity to recognize denied self within experiences that seem to deny us - and in the moment of recognition is a shift of perspective that has been called grace.

I cannot change you or even persuade you of anything you are not already in the willingness to recognize as your own. I never have been able to exert power over you. But the complex play of fragmented and denied or split identity, sets up a disempowering belief in which others then seem more powerful as a result of a loss of power. Humanity has played this game to its conclusion - which is complete loss of power to the illusion of power. To the identifiction of power over Life or Existence.

Now is a choice. Identifictions within meaningless struggle for a power that can never truly fulfil, or the embracing of Life - regardless the messy involvement of denial coming up into awareness as every kind of hated or feared or despised (judged against) aspects.

Instead of branding 'evil' and living from self-justified hate - pause the judgement and listen or feel within for the Movement of your being - and you recognize the embrace of that which you can wholly embrace as having a core peace to it - which the desperate attempt to validate or enforce a partial sense over the whole or as the whole can never have - regardless the form it takes.

Through your willingness, discern the willingness of others and grow in the trust of your own feeling being - so as to be feeling and thinking, receptive and embodying, as a balancing of a wholeness that you already are but have not allowed to embody through you - while you think you alone (in whatever aspect is currently active) are in charge.

The need for enemy is the need for evil - over and against which to make an identity at odds with a wholeness. I am not saying there is not an evil arising from the denial and refusal of Life - but that its capacity to insinuate itself in your own thinking is deep set - and so you cannot trust your own thinking without pausing a moment or however long it takes - to feel the nature of where you are coming from and know that it is truly your heart's acceptance and your mind's purpose - as one.

Making mistakes is not failure, guilt, sin and shame, but is feedback without which you would be unable to grow. Growing in the embrace of Life is natural to the release of hate - and self-hate is the deepest and most divisive. That is why evil intent nurtures and leverages or triggers this in you at every opportunity so as to get you to think you are one of the good guys, while running its agenda through your split mind.

You are not one of the bad guys within any true recognition of Self no matter what roles have been enacted, but only the recognition brings that knowing. The forms of words can and are used to deceive - and so regardless of the words I have accepted for this communication - feel for your own discernment of what opens resonance and relevance to who you feel yourself to be at this timing of relationship and live from owning and knowing yourself integrally rather than as a 'power struggle' of authorities and contradictions.

It was not wrong to seek to make a unity of chaos - but now it is not wrong to listen to and abide in the chaos for insight and communication that was lost in the act of trying to conform it to limited ideas of what we - or anything - should be. There is a ripening for a fresh perspective. Revelation from what we have long judged against - because we are willing to listen with fresh curiosity. Indeed such is our need.

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