Thursday, 9 June 2016

Antarctica set out of bounds?

Antarctica to Remain Off-Limits to Mines and Miners

I wrote this below to a commenter to the above article it expands to address not only things the commenter said but much broader themes. (I also place it at the bottom of this post for easy reference)

Do you govern your own mind or conduct? Of course you do. Whether you have ease or dis-ease is a result of your self-definitions.
As I see it there is a pervasive self-hatred that extends to hating Life - excepting we usurp, control and remake it in our own image - for the sense of nature is one of hostile and treacherous failure to support or align with our fantasy of power. Insofar as nature can be redefined or framed to support our fantasy we make symbols of beauty and magic - at least to sell our products - but mostly we rape and lay waste and dump our shit of toxic guilt in our bodies and our environment - and blame nature as genes and bugs and virii - along with psychopathic 'elites' who outsource pain while evaporating their 'profits'.

Antarctica: Is there is something big that is not allowed to be made public. Did you know that maps from antiquity that inspired Columbus showed Antarctica as separate islands - no ice?

I have a sense the world we presume is a realm of unconsciousness intended as such and defended as such. On the surface of Unconsciousness is what we define and accept as 'conscious' but it is conditioned reaction in which attention is locked into conflicted identity - somewhat like a computer program set to solve an insoluble problem. Loop, hang, crash - take your pick - but the front-end experience is all most are able or willing to engage with. Looking beneath the surface is 'reality-breaking'. However, once we break - we have a basis from which to see that we did not have within the matrix - though the world is still a very distracting place because that is its design to the mind seeking diversion from what is being hidden thereby.

The various conflicting polarities of the human archetypes include utter lawlessness  and natural law or inner recognition of a balanced outcome for all involved. It is the usurpation and replacement of natural law with fear and hatred of lawlessness that invited fear and hate into our lawmaking under the aegis of self-righteousness - which offsets our self-hatred by directing it at the 'evil other'.

Serial relationships of exploitive indifference in which the used up is discarded for the next party are also an archetype of unrestrained and unregulated 'freedom' to do whatever feels good regardless how anyone else feels. When you find out how to enforce your will on others who want different things from you then your fantasy will be realized - but I suspect people actually all have different reasons and motives in what moves them and they only seem to be a homogeneous group from a generalized analytical perspective.

Toxicity can be called too much - or an imbalance. Fantasy humans never make these problems that then invoke restraining controlling government but where are they when you need them? In some sort of golden age that never was but seemed to be with hindsight of a set of challenges not fully addressed and interpreted as illegitimate violation of 'freedom' to not be catalyzed, challenged or transformed by new information and experience!
there is no such freedom - but dedication to it will cost awareness of the core responsibility that is our freedom.

I see our false currency of thought as the disease that operates through us like a parasitic and destructive force. I don't blame the true of us - but see the effect of the denial of the true in exchange for the mask of power by which to 'survive' in its terms. In power struggle terms. Truth is the first and necessary victim for fantasies to be given power.

By the synchronicity of meeting your comment under this article - I found myself writing and reading what has formed here with you. Is that a different quality of power? I feel so. But not over anyone or anything. Use it or lose it. (Therefore to lose what you really don't want  - don't use it).

Thanks for the invitation - even if you didn't know it was there.

In reply to:

Blank Reg who said

This is the same mindset that would also want to lock down Mars as a private nature preserve for elite, well connected scientists and other researchers. However, most people who want to emigrate to Mars want to do so in hopes of terraforming the place, and creating a second inhabitable world for humanity. Better the ambitions of the people locking down Antarctica STAY in Antarctica, rather than having those mental toxins being spread throughout the solar system.
But as Heinlein once remarked: "Government is a social disease humanity takes with it wherever it goes."

Praetor said:
This world is here for the benefit of all, not the few. NWO slugs we're coming for you're savings!!!

My reply:

    They don't have savings - they have more debt - balanced with investments and connections that enable supporting a greater flow of influence and information.
    I tend to think that if you were really coming after them - they would move a lot quicker than slugs!
    The energy embodied as any particle is mind-boggling - but then perhaps we are not ready to unlock our minds from self-limitation and align to its currents and flow - hence the mind -filtering that protects us from Infinity that we play as being kept in the dark.

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