Monday, 4 January 2016

Ron Paul: Begin With Uncompromising Purity

Ron Paul: Begin With Uncompromising Purity
By Daily Bell Staff

A commentary on the 'Teddy Awards' - in the DBell.
Contrasting the official narrative with genuine merit.

It is astonishingly true that the denier projects the act that is denied awareness in themself onto the 'other'. And quite heartlessly so - that is with no quality of relational awareness for who the other truly is or the effects of such projection... and following attacks (in the name of defence).
Perhaps I should take this away from any specific personage or institution and say it in abstract universally applicable terms - for it is true of any of us in any triggered denial.

Presentation masking true presence is a kind of magic - by which your true fear or your fear of true - is kept hidden ; denied.
Almost all of us are playing the game of denying deeper fear in the attempt to use rage to drive power - by which we become increasing powerless or enslaved to self-illusion of conditioning and without a will of our own. And when not, the game of hiding in fear from such 'power' plays the fear role (of denied rage) by seeking to limit and conform and invalidate anything except that which supports our self-image.
Whenever anyone demonstrates the simple clear integrity of presence - they resonate those who are alive enough to Feel it, but enrage those who have denied Feeling in seeking control through form change - as if changing the forms is answering the driven sense of eradicating symptoms or effects of inner unrecognized conflict. It never does more than prime the pump.

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