Monday, 5 October 2015

Can the secret mind explain its existence?

Secrets of the Mind: Can science explain consciousness?

My comment:

Can anything 'explain' consciousness?

The seeming question is a conceptual statement positing a something that acts to define and account for prior awareness in terms of concept that it manufactures. This is circular reasoning or indeed talking to oneself as if one is not in fact oneself but a proxy conceptual supposition through which a self reflecting model can be experienced as a modification of consciousness that is  in no way shape or form actually achieving  or acting anything outside of consciousness.
However as a working model, awareness is focused within and through concept of self and that which is rejected by the selection within totality operates as unconscious oppositional sense of identity and will.
The apparent struggle within what seems a split mind results in a world of experience in which imposition and opposition reinforce each other while assertion of control defines itself ever more negatively against feared or denied and unrecognized self. And that assertion of denial is received and reflected as oppression, compression and death - the inability to experience movement within consciousness. Which is the counterpart shadow to a falsely presumed ability to operate as an autonomous and self-defined concept within a totality of what consciousness actually is. The error is the idea of consciousness distinct and outside of feeling - a non feeling mind. Disconnecting thinking.

Feeling - in its true sense - does not need to explain or analyze anything to know That it is as it is, and experience itself in and as ever new perspective - because feeling in its true sense is the primary quality of receptivity that attracts and forms a focusing of attention and desire within itself, that then extends to reflect as idea through which to know itself Life - in relationship - as movement - as creation.

What is defined and accepted as consciousness in general human terms is an inverted exclusion of creation - in which an effect, assigns itself cause - as its own creation and consequently asserts an interpretation as its own distorted and filtered experience as its mind and its determination of world outside its defined 'consciousness'.

An interesting reversal of the reversal would be to ask, "Can Consciousness explain science?" Although the term explain is not native to Consciousness and so its original term would be, "Can Consciousness illuminate, embrace and know, science?". I suggest that nothing that is but is at its Original Quality of being, unconditionally loved - that is, illuminated, embraced and intimately known.
What kind of science would be conducted in conscious acceptance and embrace of the Movement of Being - rather than as an arrogant ignorance that seeks to make of Life a slave?

If words are not felt - they are not connecting to anything but thought. The assertion that they find justification in application is a cover for persistence in denying the felt quality of Existence. Heart and Mind are in truth an indivisible magnetic/electric vibrational expression of Infinite Perspective. A temporary shielding of totality individualizes the One as the Many - but the Many are the One.
At the perspective of individuality Idea accepted and extended through, reflects experience. There is no separation in true creation of idea (or definition) and experience - and the knowing within experience of self-awareness 'that it is Good' or truly reflecting. But in concept of a separating and segregating sense of self is a fragmenting experience in which the conscious focus within such act is lost to the overwhelming experience of being defined and conditioned by ones own unrecognized act in concept. The residual attempt of the mind to judge, determine and create for itself operates an exclusion zone, an elitism of private agenda operating beneath many layers of defence and justification.
It victory over Life is of course death. The reduction of life to explanation is the suppression of the very Movement of Life unless operating within a truly heartfelt, passionate and self transcending movement of Life!
Consciousness: By their fruits shall you know them - and they shall know themselves.

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