Thursday, 8 October 2015

Reaction - does not get to the heart of the matter

Pregnant women don't 'deserve' a drink - not even Prosecco
As doctors rule out alcohol during any stage of pregnancy, Emma Barnett thinks British women should listen up

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I might suggest folly 'should' pause for wisdom before pronouncing a sense of moral righteousness and superiority behind the mask of perceive authority, but then I would join in the same error.

Perhaps Emma's Mum drank while the as yet un-named Emma was in the womb, for the patterns of action and reaction that pass through the generations tend to persist.

Reaction - does not get to the heart of the matter - nor the matter of the heart.

Pause before reacting check in at the heart - and if that does not feel practically helpful, I suggest pausing any actions of significance until having a true sense of the heart - of the actual Feeling of Being Alive.

Or one can persist in a fear-based guilt ridden robot existence, tick all the boxes, meet the targets... or simply keep resetting new ones... and consent to lose all consciousness of what it actually is to be human.

Fear of negative feelings and fear of guilt around owning expressing accepting and healing such feelings propagates a hateful world in place of a genuine capacity to communicate and share true understandings. Our children imbibe our psychic-emotional world - along with all kinds of environmental toxins. But Life is not without the capacity of self-healing and shared Life finds synchronicities of sharing in healing.

Moral righteousness always cherry picks one of a kind and ignores the rest - for it operates a loveless agenda. No blame here - just a reflection. When lovelessness usurps our lives it also operates as if we have no real choice - and so we turn to ways to temporarily not feel shit or to feel a stirring of Life, that if excessive and habitual, work to pull us deeper in shit and less able to feel and know the love that is our heart's desire - regardless the layers of shit that cover it, invalidate it, or indeed fear it. Because opening to love is a bit like opening to a new Life - you don't control what it will be in advance and yet you can prepare the way by recognizing and releasing negative imaginations - through a simple self-honesty.

Because trying to be who you are not doesn't really fool anyone - especially babies - but it does teach them double meanings of do as I say, not as I do - and so the conflicted breakdown of heart and mind wars through the ages... as much within us as without.

Be conscious in the heart as to what we choose to accept and share on - not rule driven in a powerlessness. And of course use common sense rules until something better comes along to replace them. I don't suggest reaction - but a presence from which to live that the mind serves - rather than usurps (replaces). But that is only my suggestion. It's your choice - or it's accepted as being forced on you - which is also a choice!

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