Sunday, 4 October 2015

The sickness in the Human Psyche

Understanding The Sickness of the American Psyche

(an article that attempts to find some perspective to address increasing disorder in the USA (and its global relationships)

I applaud and appreciate GreenMedInfo I feel so much that is natural and good has been and is being falsely denied while so much that is destructive to us is asserted and promoted through trojan horse channels of apparent authority.
I don't talk to the American psyche - but I always talk of the consciousness - but perhaps not emphasising the feeling dimension enough - without which a split off mental isolation dreams while the true feeling is denied healing and fuels a negative agenda...

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The suppression of the feeling being  - of the will itself, by a mind that identified in self concept - in fixed, assertive authoritative control that covers its own denied guilt-fears, operates a root pattern of sickness. For the will is not causative but reflective and responsive - and its reflection of being persistently denied is of course rage - regardless the reflected guilt in the will seeks to pushit down and absorb it and dump it. The minds interpretation of the will as weak, oppositional, depraved, untrustworthy is a blame dump for the definitional foundation that does not and can not accept - honestly accept its own feelings and let them know acceptance. This quality of real communication opens true and relevant insight and reestablishes relationship as the beginning of restoring trust.
Unless we recognize this need in our own self-healing and give it priority - we will persist the pattern of denying more and more of who we truly and livingly are - whether apparently negative or positive - to a concept of self and life that is destructive to life.

I'm not talking about mental ideas - but the original imprint of terrorism by which minds are split and all attempt to fix it from the false foundation fragments further.
We need to be safe with that we feel what we feel - and Feel It fully or undefendedly, yet within a healing intent and being as safe as we know how with emotion that we fear, will take us out of control. One CAN transform feelings from within their own movement. Which means NOT rationalizing them or forcing them in any way - so that what is locked - the part of you that was locked up in it - is released and restored you.
It is a tall order - but letting guilt or shadow power drive an agenda that is killing us - and our Planet is bringing it all up anyway. It can be seen as a healing crisis - and I do focus in the wholeness for a well being to replace sickness - but the underlying denials are  in a sense, no longer deniable.
The simple answer is that hidden guilt is a sickness and death inducing frame of reference - but the fact is that it is so well hidden in what seems to protect us that it thinks for us more than we might imagine. the guilt is not THEM though THEY may resonate with and raise it to awareness.

And of course use common sense until something better comes up to replace it. the 'surface reality' is disintegrating/splitting further. We each make our choices - but in mutually reinforced 'realities' we know not what we do. I feel to illuminate something the world doesn't want to look at - but which I believe is the most pressing need - and this is to pause of our self-thinking and recognize our shadow - own it - acknowledge it - feel the feeling of what is kept away enough to also recognize it holds a call for healing. If that much is felt then you have a homing beacon that may not make you feel better at first or maybe for some time - but you will FEEL, better - and you will also feel the vibrational quality of Life that is not mere mental substitution and sickness management.

And if this doesn't resonate you - then be as aligned in your integrity as you have capacity to be. If sickness is not to use and abuse you.

The quality of God that is Light that heals cannot shine into that which is actively denied. It isn't the smiley that needs it - its is that which we dare not face -- so much so that face looks OUT and thinking blocks the view within. We have vast resources through a quality of balanced communication of heart and mind, body and Spirit, but the interjection of guilt-thinking is a confusion of deceit that we can become vigilant against - and put it behind us as invocation of true presence.
Asserted coercive mind has had its day - it will take the Planet with it if it can. All in the name of righteousness and protection.

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