Tuesday, 7 July 2015

What to Expect From Aliens When We Make First Contact

What to Expect From Aliens When We Make First Contact

Believing is seeing. That is to say the filters and distortions of our already existing beliefs are exactly what conditions our interpretations and understandings of our own consciousness, that of others, including extra terrestrial civilisations, and of the Multi Dimensional Universe - of which we have a very particular localized and in a sense disconnected perspective. For we generally believe consciousness to separately partitioned within a body that exists in an objective causal ‘Reality’ by which we are defined. In fact all experience is OF an already defined sense of self in relation to its event or actuality.

This sense of segregative and cut off consciousness evolves the mind and abilities of exploitation and conflict in attempt to survive and prevail AS a power unto ourself.

This is also the belief-experience that we are alone. Individually and collectively alone.

Whilst there are already communications and involvements with consciousness or civilisations beyond our own, they are either fringe or cloaked within un-willingness/un-readiness of disclosure. For the reopening of such Consciousness as Contact implicitly brings forth is not merely a meeting of material entities of different shape, culture, or technology. That is simply our surface reflection. What would you expect from meeting a dolphin or a horse or any wild creature in its element? Or someone of another culture or someone you have never met before in a place where you have no ritual habit of recourse? Relationships are what you bring forth. If one brings a fearful agenda and imposes it on any relationship. one will invite a fear-reinforcing outcome. This is no less so if the fears are masked or hidden in ‘unconscious’ conditioning.

The discovery and official disclosure and acceptance of microbial ‘alien’ life will operate a profound symbolic shift in our sense of Everything. More than just thinking about it would suggest. Meanwhile - as with Life Always, one is free to accept Life as one’s own predilections and choices unfold. Is it not already true that the life we meet is through the lens or framing and filters of our own past conditionings and/or present inspirations?

To ‘expect from another’ is to project roles out of one’s own consciousness. Try meeting your fellow humans and other living beings and environments without ritual or habitual expectation. Set Life free to be and communicate in Its Own Terms. Wake up to the limitation of the illusion of coercive control over Life, and reclaim a natural ability to discern and discover for yourself - that is integral within the Totality of which it is an Expression.

The ‘stranger in a strange land’ is but the judgement of a self-specialness seeking self validation. What I originally meant to write here was that  - whatever mind you presume yourself to be, you also presume is true of others. But what Mind IS is not affected by what any expression of mind believes itself to be - though of course that one has a unique perspective and experience within the whole.

Humanity has denied, minimised and overlooked Consciousness in a particular kind of development of experience. Uncovering relations of a higher sphere - so to speak - is one facet of a reintegrating movement of human consciousness within wholeness.

Nothing I said here is addressed to surface thinking. That thinks it already knows and so can only ‘see’ threat or reinforcement to its accepted identity or model.

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