Friday, 26 June 2015

Fear-ism - and the father of the lie

An editorial on the Daily Bell:

What Exactly is Racism?
By Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

Fear-ism operates a coercive and self-differentiating identity. It does so through any and every segregative identity.
Identities of fear-ism are ever shifting alliances and oppositions in which war is the basis for the protection and persistence of the "shadow power" of fear-ism.
The complexity of such disguise is such that it is impossible to establish and maintain communication long enough for the fear-ism to be exposed - as an act of will. For an act of will always embodies some aspect of shadow power - or unconscious hidden agenda - that then works against communication.

There is no ism for love, hence it is not within the radar of fear-mindedness and is thus deemed unreal, weak, inneffective and illusory. However, it operates beneath the radar in disguise that may seem to be enslaved and controlled, and harvested - not least because the denial of love is the only power source that fear-ism has - being an inversion of true creation within a collective mind-agreement.

The fearful identity is lacking true Identity - which only love can give and which love only gives. Guilting and invalidation is the conditioning by which one's natural being is demonized and a 'protector' mask-identity raised upon the 'death' of the true hearted communion within Life.
It is all very well to put everything of such nature in terms of what others, or society, or the human condition or God or any other notion of power - DID unto us, but such victim-assertion looks only OUT at the manifestations of the template of core beliefs of self definition that were chosen prior to 'entrancing' the human lifetime.

It is not true that we choose our lives - at the level of the masking or personality level of asserted identity. But even at that level, are choices being made that can be shown and seen to be working against our good while seeming to at first be for our good.
Thus a willingness for pause from reaction, in which a deeper or more honest and direct communication can occur, opens the way for a reintegrative movement of consciousness. For what seems fragmented and at war within itself - and thus reflected as our world-experience, is a very specific focus of choices operating within ONE mind to facilitate experiential learning FOR the desire to know oneself - which is moving in and as all that Is.

Because, we are suffering the results of choices - albeit many of which are invisibly below our current noticing - because our beliefs and self-definitions are unquestioned and perhaps heavily defended against question, there is the freedom to own or uncover such choices within our consciousness - where automatically and spontaneously is the innate capacity to choose anew - from a truly consciousness perspective - that 'fear-simulated' substitute no longer hides.

The father of the lie is the assertion of being attacked, wounded and offended, with NO correlation to one's own conscious thought, intent or act. The splitting into levels and facets of consciousness is the cost of being ignorant of one's own self-attack. But should anyone complain of a dissonance and discover it is but the result of their own posture - they would merely realign and be finished with it in a moment. Hence the projection of hate and evil away from the self onto the other, so as to persist out of true while seeming not to suffer the cost - at least for a time - until it all comes home.

Individual and collective uniqueness can serve the recognition of the Infinite Creator in All - rather than the scapegoat of projected fear upon which to make a 'special self'. The opportunity to obey and reactively persist in fear-ism, is the opportunity to notice and relinquish it in willingness to re-member love's presence and be re-minded within consciousness. Suppression of the symptoms under guilt and fear is the device by which error is protected from correction.

Correction or realignment to one's core joy, is the absense of coercion and cannot be effected BY coercion. The means and the end are one, so whatever one notices as one's means - will only fruit a like goal. There is no loveless path to love excepting to thoroughly exhaust oneself of any capacity to tolerate lovelessness of self.

Shadow power or manipulating deceit false-flags its own attack to maintain a self-special identity from which to draw willing sacrificial obeisance. This device is pervasive to human consciousness up to Friday, June 26, 2015 - as we each and together define, accept, think, perceive, act and experience ourself to be. But that is all predicated on choices - no matter how well hidden are such choices by falsely framed narratives.

Do we identify in our story or our presence? Are we aware of our true presence? Are we aware of how everyone and everything are perceived through an acceptance of our true presence?

"This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man."

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